The wild and woolly ways

I used to have a small Limited Company on the register. It wasn’t very big, I only ran it for a few years. I followed all the intricate plans, got myself an accountant, opened up a business bank account, paid my taxes on time every quarter, got all the details in to the accountant for years’ end settling, sent off the file, got the okay from HMRC, paid my taxes. Filled in all the forms, dumped huge amounts of surplus paper received from the same HMRCustoms. Just the same as many other thousands of small businesses. Made a small profit.

Decided to close things down; advised Companies House, advised accountant, advised bank, sent off final accounts, which also advised HMRCustoms that I was closing down. Filled in all the forms, sent off the forms; received acknowledgements: Case Closed!

Couple of weeks ago, got a ‘Penalty Determination’ from the Tax Man, saying I, or at least my Company, owed them £400.00 for late payment of yearly tax information. Through my accountant, I protested somewhat vigorously that my company was closed, I had no company bank account, they had got the wrong guy!

This afternoon, I received another letter from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. It was headed ‘Amended Penalty Determination’, and stated that I owed them £0.00.

Strange, weird and wonderful are the ways of Government Departments. They can’t even apologise graciously, and admit they got things wrong!


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