The rich are different!

If you have really bad neighbour problems, you have few choices. You can attempt to negotiate with the ‘pikeys’ next door, who probably have no idea that their behaviour is causing distress around them, mainly because they have never been imbued with any sense of civility or courtesy! You can ask your neighbour if he will cut back on the overgrown forest which masquerades as a hedge next door. You can even attempt to get the police to clamp down on the scum who are making your life a misery in the estate which is a no-go area, but don’t really hold out much hope on that score.

The one thing you usually cannot do is ‘move’, mainly because your investment is locked in your house, and no-one will buy into trouble.

Unless you are a Billionaire, and find that someone has photographed your house from a moving car, and then uploaded all your home details onto the Internet, along of course with everyone else’s in the entire city, town or village. Because, if you are a true Billionaire, you can always ‘MOVE‘!