I note the vicious scum masquerading as a human being had been charged with ‘Violent Disorderafter hurling a fire extinguisher from the rooftop of Millbank Tower.

As usual, the useless Criminal-friendly craven bunch known as the Crown Prosecution Service opted out of a sensible charge of ‘Attempted Murder’; but I do wonder what charge the Police would have brought if they had been controlling the charge process? Seeing as there were at least ten policemen in the radius of fall which could have been taken by the heavy falling extinguisher!

He is said, by his solicitor, to be very sorry! Very sorry for being caught on camera, possibly!


R.I.P., to tolerance & free speech!

So you are twelve years old, you have an Asian dad and a white English mom, and you have a family history worth remembering. You are British; your dad is British; your mom is British; you have a great deal to be proud about. In your family tree, you find you had a Great-Great-Uncle who died in battle on the first day of the mincing machine known as the Battle of the Somme.

So you place a message on Remembrance Day to just say ‘R.I.P to all the lads who never made it home’. A grown-up message from a young man? Yes, I would call him a young man, and I would agree that his was the message of a mature mind, given and placed at the right time and in the right place.

Six of his schoolmates, five Muslim boys and one white girl thought otherwise, placing threats including the phrase “Fight on Monday gonna be heavy knuckle dusters and knifes hopefully I don’t die” as well as a later post : ‘Im in trouble wiv de police cuz of susspician of threat to Darius … Im banggin Darius Thursday.’

His mother was so horrified by the threats of knuckle-duster vengeance, she immediately pulled her son out of school.

The six were suspended, with the remote possibility of expulsion, but the shadow over Darius is the one we should be examining. A youing man posts a Remembrance message on a network site, and is threatened with death. One of the six suspended has himself posted ‘jihadi’ glorification statements online!

Sidney Stringer Academy’s principal, Wendy Thomas,said : ‘Darius is the victim of bullying. All the students involved have told me they did not mean what they said but they will learn a hard lesson from this. Yeah, and we all believe them, don’t we; ‘cuz Muslims never lie!


Two stories, two widely differing events, the same outcome.

I welcome the news that Kate Middleton is marrying her Prince, but as Julie Burchill opines, I also agree that she is marrying beneath her. As the two sons of Prince Charles have matured into men, both opting for Service careers in helicopters as did their Uncle Andrew, I often wonder what effect the fact that their father was a serial adulterer has actually had upon their privileged lives.

Their mother Diana was literally used and abused by this stunted replica of a man. Diana, a wonderful woman whose own life was ruined because she would not play the role of complaisant wife to a man whose long-time paramour hovered just over the horizon all through their marriage. Many spoke and wrote of Diana’s butterfly-like attention span, but I honestly feel that if her husband had actually given her just a fighting chance, she would have been a civilizing and steadying influence upon the man who would be King. She proved that she was a fantastic mother, I would have given really good odds on her being a worthy Queen, and a great foil to her unworthy King.

But that was not to be. She had served her purpose, which was that of a ‘brood mare’ to establish succession, she could now be cast off back into the Spencer alleyways, and her husband, who didn’t even know what ‘love is’, could crawl back into the arms of the only woman who ever understood him!

I also note that our craven Government is sending yet more comforting news to the likes of Al-Queda, as well as Muslims Terror Anonymous, with the announcement that the terror poster boys will be handed some £30 million to shut them up and keep them out of the courts, while the latest wheeze to pacify the unruly in Parliament is unveiled.

The Enquiry into the allegations of torture and the security services attitudes towards detainees is the name of that wheeze, but despite spending huge amounts of cash on lawyers for everybody bar the lollipop lady, nothing will be proved, disproved or even cleared. My own view of this bunch of scum is both more robust and clinical, in that if I was running things, they wouldn’t have got past the first helicopter ride. The Independent’s cartoon view is, I suspect, a truer view of the Governments actual position than the published version, which is to minimise the costs of litigation!

As for the same outcomes of the two stories, the estimated costs of both events are given as £30 miilions, for both the wedding and the payment to prospective murderers. I just wonder if we will see either as value for money?


You read about it here first!

Fire, Pillage & Plague can reveal, in a ‘World Internet Exclusive’ that David Cameron, along with his entire Cabinet, have all received stem cell injections which have been designed to activate the reversal of all verbal promises made on Europe, and  further to activate the ‘New British’ response whenever any attempt is made to further grab any power away from Westminster to Brussels.

The ‘New British’ response, as now built in to all Cabinet members of the Clegg-Cameron Coalition, will be, on either hearing or sighting a Brussels bureaucrat, they shall immediately about-face, drop their trousers, bend over and prepare to be royally screwed, as the British public have been screwed for the past forty-odd years!

D’oh, is that a gun?

There are many instances of true idiocy in this tattered world we call home.

We are the idiots for voting in a Conservative-led Coalition Government when, as it it turns out, we were all voting for one type or another of EuroSlime.

We are the idiots for believing that the same EuroSlime would not fold over and fall in with all the requirements of their masters in Brussels.

There are the two idiots who have just been released from captivity in Somalia, having been captured by setting course in their yacht after being categorically warned not to sail anywhere near the Tanzanian coast, but, being true idiots and ‘knowing better’, sailed off anyway.

But the biggest idiots of this week were Anni Dewani, 28, and her husband of two weeks Shrien Dewani; the pair of honeymooners who believed all the claptrap and lies about South Africa being safe, and everyone being friendly and smiling, and worst of all for driving to a ‘popular hot-spot’ through Guguletu, the Crime Capital of the Western Cape, ‘to see some night-life’.

I hate to speak ill of the dead, but she probably was truly stupid, and her husband, who still lives; is the true idiot!