I note the vicious scum masquerading as a human being had been charged with ‘Violent Disorderafter hurling a fire extinguisher from the rooftop of Millbank Tower.

As usual, the useless Criminal-friendly craven bunch known as the Crown Prosecution Service opted out of a sensible charge of ‘Attempted Murder’; but I do wonder what charge the Police would have brought if they had been controlling the charge process? Seeing as there were at least ten policemen in the radius of fall which could have been taken by the heavy falling extinguisher!

He is said, by his solicitor, to be very sorry! Very sorry for being caught on camera, possibly!


R.I.P., to tolerance & free speech!

So you are twelve years old, you have an Asian dad and a white English mom, and you have a family history worth remembering. You are British; your dad is British; your mom is British; you have a great deal to be proud about. In your family tree, you find you had a Great-Great-Uncle who died in battle on the first day of the mincing machine known as the Battle of the Somme.

So you place a message on Remembrance Day to just say ‘R.I.P to all the lads who never made it home’. A grown-up message from a young man? Yes, I would call him a young man, and I would agree that his was the message of a mature mind, given and placed at the right time and in the right place.

Six of his schoolmates, five Muslim boys and one white girl thought otherwise, placing threats including the phrase “Fight on Monday gonna be heavy knuckle dusters and knifes hopefully I don’t die” as well as a later post : ‘Im in trouble wiv de police cuz of susspician of threat to Darius … Im banggin Darius Thursday.’

His mother was so horrified by the threats of knuckle-duster vengeance, she immediately pulled her son out of school.

The six were suspended, with the remote possibility of expulsion, but the shadow over Darius is the one we should be examining. A youing man posts a Remembrance message on a network site, and is threatened with death. One of the six suspended has himself posted ‘jihadi’ glorification statements online!

Sidney Stringer Academy’s principal, Wendy Thomas,said : ‘Darius is the victim of bullying. All the students involved have told me they did not mean what they said but they will learn a hard lesson from this. Yeah, and we all believe them, don’t we; ‘cuz Muslims never lie!


Two stories, two widely differing events, the same outcome.

I welcome the news that Kate Middleton is marrying her Prince, but as Julie Burchill opines, I also agree that she is marrying beneath her. As the two sons of Prince Charles have matured into men, both opting for Service careers in helicopters as did their Uncle Andrew, I often wonder what effect the fact that their father was a serial adulterer has actually had upon their privileged lives.

Their mother Diana was literally used and abused by this stunted replica of a man. Diana, a wonderful woman whose own life was ruined because she would not play the role of complaisant wife to a man whose long-time paramour hovered just over the horizon all through their marriage. Many spoke and wrote of Diana’s butterfly-like attention span, but I honestly feel that if her husband had actually given her just a fighting chance, she would have been a civilizing and steadying influence upon the man who would be King. She proved that she was a fantastic mother, I would have given really good odds on her being a worthy Queen, and a great foil to her unworthy King.

But that was not to be. She had served her purpose, which was that of a ‘brood mare’ to establish succession, she could now be cast off back into the Spencer alleyways, and her husband, who didn’t even know what ‘love is’, could crawl back into the arms of the only woman who ever understood him!

I also note that our craven Government is sending yet more comforting news to the likes of Al-Queda, as well as Muslims Terror Anonymous, with the announcement that the terror poster boys will be handed some £30 million to shut them up and keep them out of the courts, while the latest wheeze to pacify the unruly in Parliament is unveiled.

The Enquiry into the allegations of torture and the security services attitudes towards detainees is the name of that wheeze, but despite spending huge amounts of cash on lawyers for everybody bar the lollipop lady, nothing will be proved, disproved or even cleared. My own view of this bunch of scum is both more robust and clinical, in that if I was running things, they wouldn’t have got past the first helicopter ride. The Independent’s cartoon view is, I suspect, a truer view of the Governments actual position than the published version, which is to minimise the costs of litigation!

As for the same outcomes of the two stories, the estimated costs of both events are given as £30 miilions, for both the wedding and the payment to prospective murderers. I just wonder if we will see either as value for money?


You read about it here first!

Fire, Pillage & Plague can reveal, in a ‘World Internet Exclusive’ that David Cameron, along with his entire Cabinet, have all received stem cell injections which have been designed to activate the reversal of all verbal promises made on Europe, and  further to activate the ‘New British’ response whenever any attempt is made to further grab any power away from Westminster to Brussels.

The ‘New British’ response, as now built in to all Cabinet members of the Clegg-Cameron Coalition, will be, on either hearing or sighting a Brussels bureaucrat, they shall immediately about-face, drop their trousers, bend over and prepare to be royally screwed, as the British public have been screwed for the past forty-odd years!

D’oh, is that a gun?

There are many instances of true idiocy in this tattered world we call home.

We are the idiots for voting in a Conservative-led Coalition Government when, as it it turns out, we were all voting for one type or another of EuroSlime.

We are the idiots for believing that the same EuroSlime would not fold over and fall in with all the requirements of their masters in Brussels.

There are the two idiots who have just been released from captivity in Somalia, having been captured by setting course in their yacht after being categorically warned not to sail anywhere near the Tanzanian coast, but, being true idiots and ‘knowing better’, sailed off anyway.

But the biggest idiots of this week were Anni Dewani, 28, and her husband of two weeks Shrien Dewani; the pair of honeymooners who believed all the claptrap and lies about South Africa being safe, and everyone being friendly and smiling, and worst of all for driving to a ‘popular hot-spot’ through Guguletu, the Crime Capital of the Western Cape, ‘to see some night-life’.

I hate to speak ill of the dead, but she probably was truly stupid, and her husband, who still lives; is the true idiot!


Quod Erat Demonstrandum

There are set formulae and procedures to calculate the final velocity of falling objects. All of these have been taught in our schools and colleges, as they form the bases of understanding of how objects exist under set conditions.

If, for example, an object is at rest, at a height of 387 feet. Action is then taken to change this state of rest to one of vertical movement downwards; in other terms, if moved from its static position the object will accelerate downwards at an increasing speed.

One of the formulae of which I wrote earlier can accurately calculate the end velocity of an object which weighs 7.7 Kgs., or 17 pounds in Imperial measurements. If that formula is applied to such an object, it can be easily calculated that the velocity reached by this object is 157.37 feet per second.

Next let us examine the manufacture, construction and maintenance of fire extinguishers, in short form of course. Most extinguishers are made of aluminium, which is extruded and forced into the desired shape, and then further formed by heat spinning and necking to allow the release valve and mechanism to be attached. Older models are made of cast iron or steel, with welded joints.

Now just imagine if you are a protester/agitator/student, standing on top of Millbank Tower. You have a standard fire extinguisher in your hands. You look over the edge, and see, some 387 feet below you, a line of policemen who are vainly attempting to stem a flood of ‘protesters’ from inflicting further damage on the offices, and possibly inhabitants of the offices as well. You pick up that fire extinguisher, which of course you should well know holds pressurised contents, and smilingly but firmly throw it over the edge, straight down at the row of policemen beneath.

In any civilised society, I believe the charge should be one of ‘Attempted Unlawful Killing with Malice Aforethought’; or, in short form ‘Attempted Murder!


All Change?

I have to apologise, and then I have, once again, to get very annoyed. I am apologising, in advance, to the two small boys whose photos appear alongside this post. Both pix were taken when they were infants, so they obviously cannot be recognised nowadays. Marco was ten weeks premature, but he survived to grow into the happy small boy he is today. Joshua was fighting fit, but a bit jaundiced some two days later, again he pulled through, and so both my Grandsons are well. I am exploring what I shall be buying them for Christmas, but realise that I must be as generous as I can to both, because that is how I shall be extending my apologies.
I have to apologise because I, or rather my Government on my behalf, is mortgaging their future earnings up to the hilt by more and more borrowing, just to keep standing still. For years now, Governments of all shades have been borrowing, and borrowing, just to satisfy the needs of the masses who want everything now, without being able to either pay for it or justify it. I watched a Channel Four documentary last night which literally struck me silent, because the manner in which the presenters and producers laid out their case was simple, lucid and exact, but their solution was one which I do not think will be taken by any, repeat any, politician or Party.

We are broke, but we just will not admit it. Most of Southern Europe is also broke, but their Governments won’t do anything about it either. We have no choice but to continue doing what we are doing as of now, because a change is needed which, in the documentary presenters words, would be obvious except it goes against everything we have done, as a nation, for the past twenty odd years. We are, in reality, £4.8 TRILLION IN DEBT!

We are borrowing so much because we are Governing too much, we have too many people pushing pieces of paper around piles of other pieces of paper, and all of these people want to be paid, and have their expenses paid on time, and their Government cars filled with petrol. We have, at a loose count, two million people active in Government service on what is termed ‘front-line’ service. That is people who actually do something, whether it be a fireman, a teacher, a soldier, a policeman, a nurse or a doctor. Two million ‘frontline’ staff, but behind them, playing with our cash, are a further five million people. True, some of these people administer salaries, conduct research, plan for future eventualities, but an awful lot of people do very little or nothing.

How much ‘Diversity’ did the diversity co-ordinator achieve today? You get my point ? When a strategic change management consultant can find time to ‘tweet’ about the cry of a servant who states that she was treated as a slave, we must ask ourselves what strategic change was achieved today by her working, and of course earning such a lot of our money?

The ‘Change’, as promoted by the Channel Four documentary, is not new, is not so revolutionary, it has actually been tried and tested, by a British Civil Servant in Hong Kong, He achieved the dramatic reversal in Hong Kong’s fortunes by literally ‘doing nothing’. He maintained the low tax regime, kept a virtually invisible hand on Regulatory powers, and Hong Kong blossomed. Industries built, financial houses opened up every day, then Mainland China copied the basic idea, and we can now see the result.

Channel Four’s documentary featured a busload of kids being carried along to their own tiny ‘demonstration’ in Whitehall. I bet the shower looking out of the plush office windows didn’t realise that they were looking at the people whose future money was being literally stolen so that they could play at ‘Governing’! As I said at the beginning, I have to buy two really nice gifts from Santa for my two little Grandsons, because I want them to understand that I didn’t want to pinch their money, it was Government who did!

Oh, and just by the way, I, like so many other Grandparents, have a small nest-egg. Not big, but if there is an emergency, it is there as a financial cushion. Some time very soon, the Bank of England will commence a new round of ‘Quantitative Easing’. This is a posh term to disguise what it is actually doing, which is ‘Printing Money’. The Bank, in accord with both Labour and ConDum governments, is printing more money, so your savings, and mine, are worth just that little bit less now than they were previously! That is called Fiscal Inflation, and for a demonstration of what occurs when that gets out of control, check out Zimbabwe, or the Weimar Republic!

Again, a future Happy Christmas to my two small Grandsons, and I hope you will forgive me!


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Deja Vu

At Eleven a.m. this morning, the Classic FM channel fell silent for two minutes, in accord with many other stations and channels, to remember the dead who fell in ‘The Great War’, the Second World War, the Korean War, and all the other conflagrations from the Falklands to Basra and Helmand. I had an uncle, his name to us was Uncle Pete. As a very small boy, I can just remember him coming to see my mother in the middle of May in 1944; he picked me up and sat me on the high, old-fashioned mantelpiece in our kitchen, scared me rotten it did! But he smiled when I called out, and swung me down again, safe and sound to sit with our cats while he and his wife talked with my mother.

I did not know, no-one knew that that visit would be his last. He landed on Sword Beach on the 6th June 1944, and died seven weeks later, a casualty of ‘friendly fire’; and lies in a tiny cemetery plot in a churchyard in a Normandy village named Bonnebosq. He left behind a wife and three children.

My own father served throughout that War, having signed up the day after War was declared by a man who some, but only some, believe was the true saviour of Great Britain. That man was of course Neville Chamberlain. I am one of those who believe the reverse is true. The first belief stems from the time which was given Britain to answer the call to arms which was sounded by the Munich Agreement between Germany and Britain. The truth that Germany was outclassed by the combination of French and British armies when Hitler called for the Sudetenland to become part of Greater Germany didn’t even make Chamberlain blink.

He sold the Czechs down the river, because he had been in the First World War, and could simply not imagine “How horrible, fantastic, incredible it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing.” It is true that Britain gained a year and a half to bring her Air Force from a peace-time status to something approaching war status, but we had a standing Army which was a match for anything forecast, and a Navy which was second to none.

If Chamberlain and Daladier, the French Premier, had stood firm at Bad Godesberg and Munich, the Nazi bully would have been shown as a busted flush, a windbag which had been punctured, and the world would probably have been spared the horrors of that which sprawled across Europe, then the Middle-East and then the Far East. They should have stood firm, they had the troops, the ships, the military might to stand up to a Germany which was unprepared for any sort of conflict at all.

As a matter of record, just compare the present day, where we are preparing to throw away a mobile trump card in the shape of an operational carrier, complete with a fully ready, if slightly diminished fleet of Harrier jets; possibly the only method of defending the Falkland Islands against an Argentina which still believes the isles are named Las Malvinas!

No, just cross the ‘t’ and dot the ‘i’; thats fine!

As with so many things in politics, news is only given to us, the great unwashed, the lowly voters and consumers, when it is considered timely. I believe the term is ‘We must control the Story’. This, one presumes, is because if the ‘authorised version’ is issued, or expanded upon, the views of the issuing politicians will be reflected when inhaled by ‘the consumer’.

But what happens when the news or report does not run concurrently with the known views of those sneaky, clever, pro-active politicians? Well, if the politicians sitting around in the White House get some news about, say, the Gulf Oil Spill which doesn’t actually gel with their views or positions; they get the news changed to suit!
They called for an Interior Department review of deep water drilling after the oil spill on April 20th following from the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon drill rig. The White House also called for a six-month moratorium on such deep water drill operations, with D.O.I.s Ken Salazar fronting the push from the White House, stating that “a six-month pause in drilling is needed, appropriate, and prudent.”

So the Interior Department set about the review, calling in seven experts to check their own findings. The experts were brought on board, and the review was undertaken. The Executive Summary was sent to the White House, but two edited drafts of this summary were returned to the Interior Department, and the Department was asked to modify the Summary in the words suggested by the drafts sent back!

The Dept. Of the Interior’s Internal Inspector General stated that ““The White House edit of the original DOI draft executive summary led to the implication that the moratorium recommendation had been peer-reviewed by the experts,” and that the draft was worded in a manner that the experts had ‘peer reviewed’ and supported the policy decision to suspend drilling for six months; when in fact the ‘experts’ had neither reviewed nor supported such a decision!

So when the Obama White House gets the experts it approves of, after making sure that one particular expert was kicked off an Energy panel because of his robust views on homosexuality, never mind oil; and then finds out they don’t agree with the policy they were asked to review and approve, the White House just changes the words.

From the desk of the President, that is just about what we have come to expect from this former ‘Community Activist’!


Left hand down a bit.

We are told that Our Glorious Leader is on a Trade Trip to China. No doubt there will be full justification for the presence of his private photographer, but there again when you are on Immortality’s path, I suppose you have to get things just right. We are told that he is taking a heavy-duty set of business leaders with him as well as Ministers, who aren’t along for the jolly. Its all about Trade, you see; its all about the money!

So we won’t be hearing about Dave ranting on about the complete lack of the basic rights of Chinese citizens, who can make money, work hard, drive new cars, buy flashy new homes. We won’t be hearing about what they cannot do, such as protest, or kick their Government out, or talk freely without some uniformed bully conming down upon them like a pack of bulldogs on heat!

Being perfectly honest, apart from the Government kicking, sounds a lot like over here. Ask Delroy Smellie if he thinks its okay to beat someone up on the streets of London, and get away with it! I also thought of mentioning Ian Tomlinson, but you can’t ask him, because he is dead, at the hands of the same police force as our Delroy.

So if ‘Our Dave’ wants to promote Trade, and doesn’t want to raise ‘Human rights’ with his hosts who obviously don’t give two shits about anybody’s rights except their own, why not speak to the pilot and say the magic words, “Left hand down a bit” and laying in a course to the Free China. There it is, on the horizon, Taiwan. Freedom of religion; tick box! Freedom of expression; tick box! Freedom to criticize the Government; help yourself! Mind you, you still have to watch it a bit, Taiwan is still learning. Great photographers; tick box! Lots of business opportunities there, and not a forced abortion in sight!

P**s off!

I read that the New West End Company is reinforcing its ‘Red Cap’ patrols in Oxford Street over the Christmas period. This is a bunch of uniformed bullies set up with the idea that they are providing ‘enhanced security’ along the busiest shopping street in London. One of these ‘red caps’ stated they would be moving on ‘beggars’ and ‘homeless people’ as well as ‘advising’ shoppers that the inside of pavements were for slow traffic, and the outside for faster traffic.

Now my knowledge of British Common Law is a bit hazy these days, but the only person who has the ‘Power’ to advise anybody to do anything on a public thoroughfare is a Policeman, and if I was approached by some uniformed wanne-be Nazi with his red cap on his head, I’d be inclined to tell him to shove his bloody Red Cap where the sun doesn’t shine!



After the latest fuck-up on Europe, as well as the utter stupidity of scrapping the Harrier fleet at the same time as scrapping the only carrier we have, I begin to see stirrings in the woodwork!

I read of people being urged; repeat urged, to actually think about retaliatory action against the politicians who have slid our nation into the mess it is in at present.


I can only hope that something comes of all this turgid prose being sloshed around

Waterboarding? Its for Sissies!

General Black Jack Pershing was born on September 13th, 1860, near Laclede, Mississippi, and died on July 15th, 1948, in Washington D.C.

Highlights of his life include:

1891 Professor of Military and Tactics, University of Nebraska
1898 Served in the Spanish-American War
1901 Awarded the rank of Captain
1906 Promoted to the rank of Brigadier General
1909 Military Governor of Moro Province, Philippines
1916 Promoted to Major General
1919 Promoted to General of the Armies
1921 Appointed Chief of Staff
1924 Retired from active duty after teaching at West Point


Just before World War I there were a number of terrorist attacks on United States forces in the Philippines by Muslim extremists. General Pershing captured 50 terrorists and had them tied to posts for execution.

He then had his men bring in two pigs and slaughter them in front of the now horrified terrorists.

According to the Koran Muslims are forbidden to eat pork or touch a pig. They believe to eat pork or touch a pig, its meat, its blood, or any of its by-products is to be instantly barred from paradise and the 72 virgins and dooms them to hell.

The soldiers then soaked their bullets in the pig’s blood, and proceeded to execute 49 of the terrorists by firing squad. The soldiers dug a large hole, dumped in the terrorist’s bodies, and covered them in pig blood, pig entrails, etc. Then they let the 50th man go.

And for the next 42 years there was not a single Muslim extremist attack anywhere in the world.

Perhaps it’s time for history to repeat itself in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The question is, where do we find another Black Jack Pershing?

The vultures circle restlessly!

I posted a couple of years ago about how the vultures were dying in India. It was discovered that through a combination of the irresponsible release of huge doses of Diclofenac for the veterinary treatment of large mammals in the sub-continent, and a total lack of testing and checking of side-effects of this same drug, the carrion-eating vultures had ingested large amounts of this substance. Once ingested in quantity, as the vultures have normally been able to feast on the rotting corpses of dead animals for centuries, the diclofenac attacks the kidneys, producing renal failure and death. When I returned to check how I had covered it, I also found I had spelled the name incorrectly! Such is liffe!

One of the by-products of the erasure of this revolting but worthy bird is that the Parsees’ funeral system no longer exists. The Parsees used to routinely lay the dead person on the rocks and surfaces of the Stones of Silence Temple, and await the services of their own vulture population, which cleansed the flesh and internal organs of the deceased with remarkable efficiency. With the exceedingly rapid decline of the vulture population, the bodies must still be destroyed, but the Parsees are trying to use solar power, but religious elders are horrified, claiming that this is akin to cremation, which is forbidden to the Parsee rituals!

The vultures have not disappeared altogether however! Their presence is felt even within our own semi-sacred National Health Service. I can feel the collective eyebrow raising on the readers’ faces, so allow me to explain. Sally Johnson of Organ Donation and Transplant was lyrical that there had been a record 3706 transplants in the U.K. in the last twelve months. She also hoped (!) that many more donors would flock to sign up and be a donor.

Now I have nothing against the science and practice of organ donation and transplantation in this country, we are leaders in the field, and a great many people have signed up to be donors. That is my point, it is a purely voluntary act, and is to the great credit of those volunteers. But those whom meet my definition of ‘vulture’ are creeping around the Law of this land, trying to get exemptions, one way or another, for their target of ‘presumed consent’ to be the Law of the land instead of ‘voluntary consent’ as at present. In Wales, the medical people have co-opted politicians, who are now peddling the ‘soft opt-out’ register, which purports to bring in a regime which means that people are presumed to want to be organ donors unless they have joined an opt-out register, they cannot be identified, their wishes can be proven to have changed or immediate relatives object. ‘These exemptions are crucial’ the vultures call out; ‘they mean that only those who want to donate do so’.

No, my friends, the only people who want to donate sign up as donors right now. I for one would not wish to be presumed to consent to anything which involves portions of my mortal remains used without my absolute consent. If you wish to donate, join in and be my guest; just don’t automatically expect that I shall be next in the queue!


just ink in a cross, not a crescent!



Whilst there have been more than one posting upon this site upon the subject of the rotten state of Electoral Reform in this once sane and stable country of ours, I have spotted another source which may interest.

Methinks the man has a point or two.

His most telling sentence regards the difference between Bangladeshi ‘voters’ and British Armed Forces voters.

But will we see any change?

Yew must be jokin’, Guv’nor!


Ministry of Truth moves towards victory

When my ATW mate David, on other posts, writes of the sinister and seemingly successful efforts of SinnFein/IRA to either rewrite the history of ‘The Troubles’/a murder- and torture-filled campaign to destroy the legitimate rule of law in Northen Ireland, or to diminish almost to invisibility the trauma of the killings; the destruction of property and the barbaric methods used by the military wing of SinnFein, he is not imagining things.
The revisionists are also not alone. With the likes of Tony Blair successfully rehabilitated into a vision of respectability, behind which he just gets richer, and the forthcoming revelations of Gordon Brown that not only did he single-handedly rescue the world, he is still loved by his devoted followers, we see the re-writing of history almost every day.

Professor Penelope Blake, a veteran professor of Humanities at Rock Valley College in Rockford, Illinois is also a witness to the ruthless and systematic revision of recent history by those who profess to know the ‘truth’ about history, and about how it should be both written and pictured. The National Endowment for the Humanities sponsored a workshop for college professors at the East-West Center, University of Hawaii. The title of the conference was “History and Commemoration: The Legacies of the Pacific War.”

In amongst the ‘scholarly presentations’ and required reading handed to the participants were papers headed with such titles as

    “The U.S. military and its veterans constitute an imperialistic, oppressive force which has created and perpetuated its own mythology of liberation and heroism, insisting on a “pristine collective memory” of the war’

as well as

    ‘The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor should be seen from the perspective of Japan being a victim of western oppression’.

The professor stated “As a daughter of two WWII veterans and the niece of a man who gave his life to help defend his country in WWII, I simply will not stand by and allow their history to be usurped and corrupted by a revisionist and iconoclastic political agenda within academe.”

Good on You, Lady!