One thought on “And Why Not?

  1. I have just read Dr. Daniel Pipes’s take on the difference between Islam and Islamism. While I tend to agree with him, I do not wholely agree with his way of dealing with it.
    Slow, slow, slow, he says, but in the meantime, Islamism will grow, grow grow, making it much more difficult to confront, and, of course, it must be confronted head on!
    A stitch in time saves nine!
    I cannot see Islam triumphant, simply because it is restrictive, retrogressive, and stifling, especially in today’s world of invention, advancement and development.
    The West, the world, is moving forward while Islam wants to move back to the 7th century world of ignorance, misogynism, and totalitarianism.
    Islam itself is an evil ideology, proud of its chauvinistic history, which is bound by the hatred declared by a mentally-ill, self-made “prophet,” whose own deplorable, barbaric acts sever him forever from the world of decency, compassion, love and tolerance.
    Tolerance of evil cannot be tolerated!

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