P**s off!

I read that the New West End Company is reinforcing its ‘Red Cap’ patrols in Oxford Street over the Christmas period. This is a bunch of uniformed bullies set up with the idea that they are providing ‘enhanced security’ along the busiest shopping street in London. One of these ‘red caps’ stated they would be moving on ‘beggars’ and ‘homeless people’ as well as ‘advising’ shoppers that the inside of pavements were for slow traffic, and the outside for faster traffic.

Now my knowledge of British Common Law is a bit hazy these days, but the only person who has the ‘Power’ to advise anybody to do anything on a public thoroughfare is a Policeman, and if I was approached by some uniformed wanne-be Nazi with his red cap on his head, I’d be inclined to tell him to shove his bloody Red Cap where the sun doesn’t shine!


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