Left hand down a bit.

We are told that Our Glorious Leader is on a Trade Trip to China. No doubt there will be full justification for the presence of his private photographer, but there again when you are on Immortality’s path, I suppose you have to get things just right. We are told that he is taking a heavy-duty set of business leaders with him as well as Ministers, who aren’t along for the jolly. Its all about Trade, you see; its all about the money!

So we won’t be hearing about Dave ranting on about the complete lack of the basic rights of Chinese citizens, who can make money, work hard, drive new cars, buy flashy new homes. We won’t be hearing about what they cannot do, such as protest, or kick their Government out, or talk freely without some uniformed bully conming down upon them like a pack of bulldogs on heat!

Being perfectly honest, apart from the Government kicking, sounds a lot like over here. Ask Delroy Smellie if he thinks its okay to beat someone up on the streets of London, and get away with it! I also thought of mentioning Ian Tomlinson, but you can’t ask him, because he is dead, at the hands of the same police force as our Delroy.

So if ‘Our Dave’ wants to promote Trade, and doesn’t want to raise ‘Human rights’ with his hosts who obviously don’t give two shits about anybody’s rights except their own, why not speak to the pilot and say the magic words, “Left hand down a bit” and laying in a course to the Free China. There it is, on the horizon, Taiwan. Freedom of religion; tick box! Freedom of expression; tick box! Freedom to criticize the Government; help yourself! Mind you, you still have to watch it a bit, Taiwan is still learning. Great photographers; tick box! Lots of business opportunities there, and not a forced abortion in sight!