All Change?

I have to apologise, and then I have, once again, to get very annoyed. I am apologising, in advance, to the two small boys whose photos appear alongside this post. Both pix were taken when they were infants, so they obviously cannot be recognised nowadays. Marco was ten weeks premature, but he survived to grow into the happy small boy he is today. Joshua was fighting fit, but a bit jaundiced some two days later, again he pulled through, and so both my Grandsons are well. I am exploring what I shall be buying them for Christmas, but realise that I must be as generous as I can to both, because that is how I shall be extending my apologies.
I have to apologise because I, or rather my Government on my behalf, is mortgaging their future earnings up to the hilt by more and more borrowing, just to keep standing still. For years now, Governments of all shades have been borrowing, and borrowing, just to satisfy the needs of the masses who want everything now, without being able to either pay for it or justify it. I watched a Channel Four documentary last night which literally struck me silent, because the manner in which the presenters and producers laid out their case was simple, lucid and exact, but their solution was one which I do not think will be taken by any, repeat any, politician or Party.

We are broke, but we just will not admit it. Most of Southern Europe is also broke, but their Governments won’t do anything about it either. We have no choice but to continue doing what we are doing as of now, because a change is needed which, in the documentary presenters words, would be obvious except it goes against everything we have done, as a nation, for the past twenty odd years. We are, in reality, £4.8 TRILLION IN DEBT!

We are borrowing so much because we are Governing too much, we have too many people pushing pieces of paper around piles of other pieces of paper, and all of these people want to be paid, and have their expenses paid on time, and their Government cars filled with petrol. We have, at a loose count, two million people active in Government service on what is termed ‘front-line’ service. That is people who actually do something, whether it be a fireman, a teacher, a soldier, a policeman, a nurse or a doctor. Two million ‘frontline’ staff, but behind them, playing with our cash, are a further five million people. True, some of these people administer salaries, conduct research, plan for future eventualities, but an awful lot of people do very little or nothing.

How much ‘Diversity’ did the diversity co-ordinator achieve today? You get my point ? When a strategic change management consultant can find time to ‘tweet’ about the cry of a servant who states that she was treated as a slave, we must ask ourselves what strategic change was achieved today by her working, and of course earning such a lot of our money?

The ‘Change’, as promoted by the Channel Four documentary, is not new, is not so revolutionary, it has actually been tried and tested, by a British Civil Servant in Hong Kong, He achieved the dramatic reversal in Hong Kong’s fortunes by literally ‘doing nothing’. He maintained the low tax regime, kept a virtually invisible hand on Regulatory powers, and Hong Kong blossomed. Industries built, financial houses opened up every day, then Mainland China copied the basic idea, and we can now see the result.

Channel Four’s documentary featured a busload of kids being carried along to their own tiny ‘demonstration’ in Whitehall. I bet the shower looking out of the plush office windows didn’t realise that they were looking at the people whose future money was being literally stolen so that they could play at ‘Governing’! As I said at the beginning, I have to buy two really nice gifts from Santa for my two little Grandsons, because I want them to understand that I didn’t want to pinch their money, it was Government who did!

Oh, and just by the way, I, like so many other Grandparents, have a small nest-egg. Not big, but if there is an emergency, it is there as a financial cushion. Some time very soon, the Bank of England will commence a new round of ‘Quantitative Easing’. This is a posh term to disguise what it is actually doing, which is ‘Printing Money’. The Bank, in accord with both Labour and ConDum governments, is printing more money, so your savings, and mine, are worth just that little bit less now than they were previously! That is called Fiscal Inflation, and for a demonstration of what occurs when that gets out of control, check out Zimbabwe, or the Weimar Republic!

Again, a future Happy Christmas to my two small Grandsons, and I hope you will forgive me!


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