D’oh, is that a gun?

There are many instances of true idiocy in this tattered world we call home.

We are the idiots for voting in a Conservative-led Coalition Government when, as it it turns out, we were all voting for one type or another of EuroSlime.

We are the idiots for believing that the same EuroSlime would not fold over and fall in with all the requirements of their masters in Brussels.

There are the two idiots who have just been released from captivity in Somalia, having been captured by setting course in their yacht after being categorically warned not to sail anywhere near the Tanzanian coast, but, being true idiots and ‘knowing better’, sailed off anyway.

But the biggest idiots of this week were Anni Dewani, 28, and her husband of two weeks Shrien Dewani; the pair of honeymooners who believed all the claptrap and lies about South Africa being safe, and everyone being friendly and smiling, and worst of all for driving to a ‘popular hot-spot’ through Guguletu, the Crime Capital of the Western Cape, ‘to see some night-life’.

I hate to speak ill of the dead, but she probably was truly stupid, and her husband, who still lives; is the true idiot!