Two stories, two widely differing events, the same outcome.

I welcome the news that Kate Middleton is marrying her Prince, but as Julie Burchill opines, I also agree that she is marrying beneath her. As the two sons of Prince Charles have matured into men, both opting for Service careers in helicopters as did their Uncle Andrew, I often wonder what effect the fact that their father was a serial adulterer has actually had upon their privileged lives.

Their mother Diana was literally used and abused by this stunted replica of a man. Diana, a wonderful woman whose own life was ruined because she would not play the role of complaisant wife to a man whose long-time paramour hovered just over the horizon all through their marriage. Many spoke and wrote of Diana’s butterfly-like attention span, but I honestly feel that if her husband had actually given her just a fighting chance, she would have been a civilizing and steadying influence upon the man who would be King. She proved that she was a fantastic mother, I would have given really good odds on her being a worthy Queen, and a great foil to her unworthy King.

But that was not to be. She had served her purpose, which was that of a ‘brood mare’ to establish succession, she could now be cast off back into the Spencer alleyways, and her husband, who didn’t even know what ‘love is’, could crawl back into the arms of the only woman who ever understood him!

I also note that our craven Government is sending yet more comforting news to the likes of Al-Queda, as well as Muslims Terror Anonymous, with the announcement that the terror poster boys will be handed some £30 million to shut them up and keep them out of the courts, while the latest wheeze to pacify the unruly in Parliament is unveiled.

The Enquiry into the allegations of torture and the security services attitudes towards detainees is the name of that wheeze, but despite spending huge amounts of cash on lawyers for everybody bar the lollipop lady, nothing will be proved, disproved or even cleared. My own view of this bunch of scum is both more robust and clinical, in that if I was running things, they wouldn’t have got past the first helicopter ride. The Independent’s cartoon view is, I suspect, a truer view of the Governments actual position than the published version, which is to minimise the costs of litigation!

As for the same outcomes of the two stories, the estimated costs of both events are given as £30 miilions, for both the wedding and the payment to prospective murderers. I just wonder if we will see either as value for money?


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