…and Fairy Stories don’t come true either!

Immigration. The ‘Third Rail’ of British Politicians.

We heard how “there must be limits to immigration levels because of the impact on public services, the environment and on “community cohesion”,” from David Cameron on the 9th November 2006.

Once more with feeling in 24th July 2009 when he said ‘That’s why we would like to have a proper points system with limits attached to it so we can actually get immigration under control.

We again heard from David Cameron in January 2010 with the words “that he thought net immigration of 200,000 a year – or 2 million a decade – was “too much. We would like to see net immigration in the tens of thousands rather than the hundreds of thousands,” he told BBC1′s Andrew Marr Show.
“I don’t think that’s unrealistic; that’s the sort of figure there was in the 1990s and I think we should see that again.”

So if we asked, with of course due deference, knuckling of brow and doffing our trades-peoples emblems of cloth caps, if he thought he had in fact kept his promises; in the light of the recent statement that Net Migration statistics show that the UK is on course to see an increase in immigration, even if some 100,00 come from Ireland, I wonder what his reply might be?

I also wonder if he would care to comment upon the simple truth that, even if he slammed the doors shut to every would-be leech upon our Social Services & Health Service who was sleazing through the badly-barred gates, he wouldn’t be able to stop any of the floods of bloody Gyppoes from Romania, or the masses of Middle Europe who will be offered an EU Passport care of Hungary’s plans to offer thousands living in Serbia and Bosnia documentation as long as they could ‘prove’ Hungarian ancestry!

Happy Christmas!

“Now remember, Melchior, when we get to the Stable, no more of this “Do you support full marriage rights for lesbians and homosexuals?” when we see the Baby. He’s got plenty of time to sort out the small problems. What I will be asking him will be something along the lines of whether he agrees with the Palestinian Authority’s stance on the Jewish settlement construction activity on the West Bank?”

Keep a’knockin but ya’can’t come in!!

A very long time back, I was selected, (selected that is on the basis of, “who sits there, does that!) to take part in our Grammar School Nativity Play. Now the play itself was quite a big deal in our school, and every year a single theme was chosen, and although the basics, such as Mary, Joseph, Baby etc. remained as constants, the supporting cast altered according to the master who authored that year’s script!So there I was, all togged out in a very ‘natty’ Roman Centurion’s cloak, uniform etc. including a sword which was just a little bit too long for me, as I was only four foot ten tall when I was fifteen! (Late bloomer or something!) My part, which was of course crucial to the plot, was to send a soldier to demand a room at the inn, and to express annoyance at the very idea of a Roman Centurion being turned away from a warm fire etc.!


So the soldier returns with the bad news that all the rooms are full, and my line was to step forward while saying, “This is the last straw!” Which would normally have worked except that my sword, which I previously mentioned was rather long, caught some hay as I swept it forwards, so that this big clump of hay landed about four feet in front of me after what I do admit was a rather deft curving motion through the air! Of course this particular piece of theatre brought the house down, much to the displeasure of our headmaster, who got up, halted the play and ranted on for about three minutes about the sanctity of the play, and how we weren’t supposed to laugh at a Nativity Play, and on, and on, and on!

The ONLY person to get off ‘scott free’ was me, as I was deemed innocent! Happy days indeed!

Something old, something fairly new…

Finished the last of my early christmas cake, from Delia’s recipe book. Darn but that lady knows the things which work! Going to make another one, despite the tremendous damage it does to my diet. After all, it is only once a year!


Just checked, and that is now all of my books published in various E-book formats on Smashwords; and through them to Amazon, Sony, Mobi and all the others. One smart feature from Amazon is download the PC version of Kindle; you can then check out any sample you fancy. Not only that, all the books are held together, and if you closed one up before closing down, when you boot up again, the page is there waiting for you! Dead clever!

Black…..Check Talented…….N/applicable

Listening this morning to an interview with Herman Ouseley, he of course formerly of the Racial Equality Commission and points southwards, towards the sewage system. As with many ‘politicised’ black people, he is fervently in favour of ‘equality through diversity’ but his version amounts to nothing less than positive discrimination. He was discussing the fact that there are only one or two black managers of football teams in the whole of the Premiership and Championship Leagues, despite there being somewhere around 35 % of all players being either black or brown. A similarly profound set of misunderstandings was published in the Telegraph on the same basis, which is that if there are 35% of black players in professional football, there should automatically be a similar percentage of managers within the same systems.

Now, as I maybe mentioned before, I know very little about Sport in general, and Football in particular; mainly because I just don’t see the point. I also accept that I am, in this respect, very, very much in the minority. But I do not believe that my ignorance of football extends to why someone is chosen to play, coach or manage these teams of delicate flowers whose skill, or lack of the same; is on display every weekend all around our cities and towns. As Football is a cross between a religious occasion and a sporting battle, the talented are chosen, and the lesser fall by the wayside. If a manager is good at his job, motivates his team, gets the cash to spend wisely; he and his team survive and prosper. If he falters, if his team does not do well, it is the fast walk with a P45 for the man who was once a hero!

The last factor in how well a football team is managed should be is the colour of that man’s skin, despite what the likes of Herman Ouseley or Jeremy Wilson believe. If you peel away the nonsense, the hero-worship, the fans and the huge pay packets; what you are left with is a business. It can be either a very lucrative business, or the precursor to bankruptcy, but the choices of managerial staff should and must be left to be made on the basis of talent and proven skills, never on what the colour of your skin is, and whether you might inflate the percentage of a diversity table initiated and controlled by a clown whose entire career has been based on telling other people that they are racist!