Black…..Check Talented…….N/applicable

Listening this morning to an interview with Herman Ouseley, he of course formerly of the Racial Equality Commission and points southwards, towards the sewage system. As with many ‘politicised’ black people, he is fervently in favour of ‘equality through diversity’ but his version amounts to nothing less than positive discrimination. He was discussing the fact that there are only one or two black managers of football teams in the whole of the Premiership and Championship Leagues, despite there being somewhere around 35 % of all players being either black or brown. A similarly profound set of misunderstandings was published in the Telegraph on the same basis, which is that if there are 35% of black players in professional football, there should automatically be a similar percentage of managers within the same systems.

Now, as I maybe mentioned before, I know very little about Sport in general, and Football in particular; mainly because I just don’t see the point. I also accept that I am, in this respect, very, very much in the minority. But I do not believe that my ignorance of football extends to why someone is chosen to play, coach or manage these teams of delicate flowers whose skill, or lack of the same; is on display every weekend all around our cities and towns. As Football is a cross between a religious occasion and a sporting battle, the talented are chosen, and the lesser fall by the wayside. If a manager is good at his job, motivates his team, gets the cash to spend wisely; he and his team survive and prosper. If he falters, if his team does not do well, it is the fast walk with a P45 for the man who was once a hero!

The last factor in how well a football team is managed should be is the colour of that man’s skin, despite what the likes of Herman Ouseley or Jeremy Wilson believe. If you peel away the nonsense, the hero-worship, the fans and the huge pay packets; what you are left with is a business. It can be either a very lucrative business, or the precursor to bankruptcy, but the choices of managerial staff should and must be left to be made on the basis of talent and proven skills, never on what the colour of your skin is, and whether you might inflate the percentage of a diversity table initiated and controlled by a clown whose entire career has been based on telling other people that they are racist!

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