…and Fairy Stories don’t come true either!

Immigration. The ‘Third Rail’ of British Politicians.

We heard how “there must be limits to immigration levels because of the impact on public services, the environment and on “community cohesion”,” from David Cameron on the 9th November 2006.

Once more with feeling in 24th July 2009 when he said ‘That’s why we would like to have a proper points system with limits attached to it so we can actually get immigration under control.

We again heard from David Cameron in January 2010 with the words “that he thought net immigration of 200,000 a year – or 2 million a decade – was “too much. We would like to see net immigration in the tens of thousands rather than the hundreds of thousands,” he told BBC1′s Andrew Marr Show.
“I don’t think that’s unrealistic; that’s the sort of figure there was in the 1990s and I think we should see that again.”

So if we asked, with of course due deference, knuckling of brow and doffing our trades-peoples emblems of cloth caps, if he thought he had in fact kept his promises; in the light of the recent statement that Net Migration statistics show that the UK is on course to see an increase in immigration, even if some 100,00 come from Ireland, I wonder what his reply might be?

I also wonder if he would care to comment upon the simple truth that, even if he slammed the doors shut to every would-be leech upon our Social Services & Health Service who was sleazing through the badly-barred gates, he wouldn’t be able to stop any of the floods of bloody Gyppoes from Romania, or the masses of Middle Europe who will be offered an EU Passport care of Hungary’s plans to offer thousands living in Serbia and Bosnia documentation as long as they could ‘prove’ Hungarian ancestry!

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