No Fascists Allowed, By Order!

Don’t know if anyone else has read about the BNP candidate being removed from a hustings meeting for the Saddleworth by-election?

Seems as though only certain candidates (the usual suspects) were invited to a hustings meeting, but the BNP bloke decided to sit in. Then the police moved in at the behest of the Labour candidate, and strongarmed the BNP man outside; where they then apologised and said ‘they were only doing their job’. (As an aside, someone must remind me where I have heard that phrase before)!

Now it is usually a sign of a left-wing mentality, but don’t they, as a group, dislike anyone even spouting any idea which speaks against their policies; any rhetoric which argues against the slimy ideals which permeate the Labour/Socialist/Communist theology is unwelcome, unwanted and usually unheard because they succeed in preventing any speech against their philosophy.

As I saw myself during the last General Election, the favoured candidates are seated, and the others are ignored, ‘because it wasn’t considered appropriate!’ So once again, the BNP are demonised, are reviled and are ejected. I wonder why?