Value, or Values?

When politicians, or those who use politics for their own ends, become enamoured of a policy, or actions and changes which are derived from such a policy, they would be best advised to remember a very old Kikuyu proverb. That proverb, put quite simply, was “If you discard a tradition, or way of life; you must replace it with Something of Value”.

In times gone by, as in todays frenetic world, the need for change, the urge to be seen to ‘be up to date’, to be ‘ahead of the curve’ has always been paramount. As with Groundnuts in Tanganyika, where a huge investment of British taxpayers money was frittered away on a scheme thought up and prosecuted by so-called civil servants who had never grown grass, never mind groundnuts; so with the worldwide adoration of A.G.W. Global Warming, and the effect of Man’s efforts upon this activity, has always been controversial, to say the least. Many scientists, most of whom were looking for grants to study the effects or possible effects of AGW, made an alliance with their devils, embraced the whole theory and took the money, because of simple cause and effect.

Theory + Cash = Scientific Studies Continued; Headlines printed; Fame and Glory await!

Some, or at least those more cautious, stood back while their confreres got all the research grants, all the computer ‘modelling’, and of course the ability to choose the points or places where the data came from, and; lo and behold; the theories were all proven! Well, proven to those who were conducting the ‘research’ as well as those who ‘benefited’ from the theory and research. People like Al Gore!

Also people like Premier Anna Bligh, more of who later; but firstly, a bit of recent history. In 1974, torrential downpours hit Northern and Eastern Australia, causing massive flooding of both township and prairie alike, huge areas becoming nothing more than inland lakes for weeks on end. The flood effects on Brisbane in particular were the spur which caused the Wivenhoe Dam to be built, with its primary facility being one of flood mitigation, with water supply and hydro power purely secondary. The dam, built under auspices of the Government of Premier Joh Bjelke Petersen, was designed to act as a hydraulic buffer, which would ‘soak up’ the future excess water if it came down from the upland water sources, and then when the ‘flooding’ danger was passed, the water could then be released in manageable quantities which would not breach the strengthened defences around Brisbane.

The dam was built to cope, and only cope, with flood mitigation times, and for no other main purpose. The hydro-electricity, the sports and recreational facilities, the water storage and retention; all were secondary to that one ambition, to allow the flood waters hitting the Brisbane river to be managed successfully!

Enter Anna Bligh, great-great-etc.-etc. granddaughter of Captain Bligh, who didn’t have much luck with controlling people either. Now Anna is a typical politician, always on the lookout for a cause or a policy which could be regarded as ‘progressive’ to champion; so to her, the cause of Global Warming, together with drought and water management, must have seemed like manna from above. The perfect cause; sounds ‘good and caring’ all the others are climbing on the band-wagon, so she, and of course Queensland, mustn’t get left behind! So she ditches the facts, which are that the dam is there to manage floodwaters, and decides that ‘Water’ is the ‘next big thing’. Save it, horde it, ration it; doing the things which come pretty naturally to all Socialist-minded politicians, which is telling other people what to do! The dam must be allowed to fill up, keep on rationing water, never mind the experts who have told her that she should listen to them instead of to the ‘global warming èlite’, make sure that no water is allowed to escape from Wivenhoe because ‘you never know when the next drought comes along’! Anna also reckons that her family life comes before the needs of her voters, which is why she flew to Sydney at the height of the dramatic days in Brisbane because of her husband’s birthday party!

Happy Birthday Anna’s husband!

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