Tickets please; I thang gyew!

We are, in the next fifteen years, to host yet another abortion in the shape of the North-South High Speed Train, scheduled to run from London to Manchester and Leeds via Birmingham.

It will cost £27,000,000,000, that is 27 Billion pounds as an estimate, and when I tell you that a civil engineering project this size has never come in on budget, with the average overrun of 50-60%; this meaning that the true costs, the costs in reality to the British taxpayer, will be more in the region of 54 Billion pounds, or £54,000,000,000.

That, my friends, is £54 billion more that we do not have.

If the plans ever come to fruition, there will be 36 trains per day six days a week. Just think of the impact of a noise source of somewhere around 125 Db, that is equivalent to the take-off noise of a Boeing 747 running every two minutes past a garden near You!

And what do we get, for this huge cost?

Well, People will be able to travel from London to Manchester very quickly, and there is supposed to be lots of people wanting to travel fast.

Don’t know about you, but when they cannot even keep time with the trains they have at present, what are the chances that it will, if it is ever built, be another typically British farce!

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