‘Only in England!’

We are advised, courtesy of the Beeb Website, that a park in Luton had been cordoned off, as policemen are wanting to speak to a man who is believed to be armed.

As a commentary, below the actual facts being given, are the words “It’s a popular area and dog walkers are complaining about the situation.”

In other words, forget about the poor bugger seated on the ground surrounded by Heckler & Koch machine pistol-toting policemen dressed of course in black, with personnel numbers obscured, forget about the possibility of either a suicide-bent terrorist, or even some poor lost soul who is confused and mentally-ill; as long as we get the dogs exercised, and be allowed to crap all over the grass (the dogs that is!). We have to get our priorities correct!

I would have thought that the most remarkable statement in the news piece is that there is a Park in Luton!

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