Some gravy on your carrots?

The spokesman added: ‘South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust would like to reassure older people receiving care services that most domiciliary care workers are 100 per cent committed to providing a high standard of care as evidenced during the recent severe weather conditions.
‘There are stringent policies and procedures in place to protect vulnerable people and that domiciliary care providers are tightly regulated by the Regulation And Quality Improvement Authority.’

Well, I just bet that Ivy McCluskey’s relatives are really reassured by those words of comfort!

Aunty is talking; take heed, or else!

Good Morning, Kiddiewinkies.

Are we sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin!

We are going to be discussing numbers this morning, but you won’t need your pencils.

An approximation of the population numbers within the United Kingdom give a total of 62,000,000.

Subtract 2 million from that number; the 2 million being of the muslim persuasion, and therefore allegedly not partaking of booze.

Split up the remaining 60 million into component parts, these being the very young, children and young(er) adults, young adults, mature adults, the elderly and the old. Let us then assume that the numbers represented by Young Adults total some 15 million, again as an approximation. From that 15 million we should then subtract 14 million who either do not drink, or drink, shall we stipulate responsibly?

So we are left with 1 million who are presumed to drink heavily, get legless or binge on the booze. One million young adults, all of whom abuse their bodily systems to a point where they lose control of their faculties, get drunk on an extremely regular basis every week, and just do not seem even to care!

That number is shocking, but not unexpected, as we have all seen the pictures of the stupid and the silly, partially legless young men and women vomiting in the gutters of our towns and cities, or gracing (if that is the correct term) the Casualty and A&E departments of our hospitals.

But would anyone accept that a rise in the number of young people admitted to hospital from 230 in 2001, to 351 in 2010 is a disaster in the making?
Not too many, but the BBC Today programme did, joyously linking it with the proposed minimum price for booze in shops and supermarkets which was discussed earlier this month.

That is a figure to conjure with; a huge total of 121 idiots this year alone extra admitted to hospital suffering from symptoms of alcohol abuse. My word, the tsunami is almost upon us!