The man who changed the face of British Politics forever.

He is the son of Hungarians who fled from the 1956 uprising in that once-Communist land. His family name was Anglicised once the family had settled, mainly because no true-born Englishman knew, or desired to learn, how to pronounce Hircsák. He won a scholarship to Christ’s Hospital School in Sussex, with fees for this particular Independent school paid by a charitable trust, and went on to Oxford to read Philosophy, Politics and Economics.
Working at Saatchi & Saatchi, he watched and learned at the feet of masters of his chosen profession, and learned it well.

He met ‘Our Dave’ during the 1992 election, but went back to advertising; eventually starting his own company, which leant heavily on telling his clients how to become ‘socially responsible’. You can hang whatver buzz-word meaning on that title, and it will stick. He came back into politics in 1997, but his policy of ‘tell them the worst, or the truth’ is said to have backfired when he brought out the Tony Blair ‘Demon eyes’ posters during that election.
He began to sit in the Cameron ‘kitchen cabinet’ long before the 2010 election, and is said to have masterminded the move to ‘Green’ issues for the Tories, which is said to have made them more electable. Some might say that his work on the Tory party during that time has made it the amorphous, jelly-like mixture we see today, but perhaps that is just me being realistic.

His long love-affair with American political strategies, and his admiration for ‘cool’ projects, has won him an ardent dislike by many senior Tories, who dislike even more his e-mailing them with such gems as ‘Here are some great examples of how harnessing the insights of behavioural economics and social psychology can help you to achieve your policy goals in a more effective and light-touch way.” See what I mean?

He got David Cameron to memorise that famous speech which won him the Tory Leadership, and earned Cameron’s dog-like devotion ever afterwards, which is possibly the real reason why he has done so much damage to the Tory Party, as well as British Democracy. His judgement was trusted, absolutely trusted; so when he came up with the idea to endorse the idea of a series of Debates with Labour and the Lib-Dems, no one seemed to notice the strange pattern which was about to emerge. The two main Parties had slugged it out both inside and outside of Parliament for years uncounted, but no-one had ever even thought of bringing in the Liberal Democrats; mainly because in electoral terms they were a joke!

Viewed by the populace as a bunch of losers, chancers in sandals, espousing all sorts of stupid policies uncounted, they were a political disaster area. But when it comes to a Television Debate at Election Time, they had to be included, mainly because, if left out, the Lib-Dem screams would have been heard in Jerusalem. This political fixer knew that Cameron could and would wipe the floor with Brown; he saw it as a ‘done deal’, but he hadn’t done his homework with the Lib-Dem leader, Nick Clegg. True, Clegg was and is a typical Lib-Dem politician, wild and woolly around the edges, but he was also a seasoned performer, having served a term as an MEP in the Euro Parliament, and also wasn’t Ashdown or Kennedy.

So the Debates were organised, and suddenly a fresh telegenic face appeared on national television, speaking cogently and strongly on positions he either supported or disliked. The Lib-Dems had not changed, their positions on such items as Trident —hate it, or Students’ Tuition fees —-hate them, hate them, but the vision had! The vision cleared to allow the electorate to see what they though was reality, but in fact was just one man shining in a particular spotlight! The Tory vote weakened, the Lib-Dems strenghtened just a touch, the Labour bunch, who should have all been shown the Westnminster door for the debacle they had presided over in the last seven years of their rule, lost a lot of seats, but just not enough, because the son of Hungarian-immigrants had an idea!

So, folks, lets all give Steve Hilton a very slow round of applause, because what you see in Parliament today, with weak-kneed policies all around, and weaker people in high positions, is because of one man; the man who changed Britain for ever!

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