The simple art of prophecy

We all can look back at times in our lives when we can say with all honesty “I told you so!”; and I do so relish being able to state that this is one time that I wish I had not been so exactly right.

Some two years ago, I posted on the ludicrous decision to allow Ghurkas who had served before 1997 and had retired to Nepal to settle within the United Kingdom.

Of course, I received the usual knee-jerk reactions from the assembled few, but as usual I ignored them, because I knew that I was right!

So we now see a local Borough Council literally overwhelmed by a veritable, albeit very slow-moving flood of elderly ex-Ghurkas and large families who have come from Nepal because, I quote “They are in great need of housing benefit, pension credits. They’re not capable of working themselves, they need instant help in order to survive.”

It is true, at least they aren’t bloody Muslims, but I would again quote from the final sentence of the BBC report:- ‘They say their main concern now is getting visas for their adult children in Nepal to come to the UK to look after them in their old age’