Two Jags, or Jobs, or Shacks, or Shags?

Parliament. The word itself is one to be treasured; for its meaning, for its intent, for the message it gives to a wider world.

1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) an assembly of the representatives of a political nation or people, often the supreme legislative authority
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) any legislative or deliberative assembly, conference, etc.
3. (Historical Terms) Also parlement (in France before the Revolution) any of several high courts of justice in which royal decrees were registered
4. Parliament was the party of the Republicans during the English Civil War.

The specific Parliament of which I write is the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), which isn’t a true Parliament, in that all its members are appointed, not elected. Its Members may well be parliamentarians in their own right, but they are not elected to this body, which in turn makes the PACE undemocratic to begin with. My point will be clearer shortly.

One of the functions of this body is that the Assembly elects the judges who sit upon the European Court of Human Rights, and by this election, purport to give the judges, and hence the Court, its own Democratic appearance. The same Court which has just expressed its deep regret at the temerity of the House of Commons’ vote on prisoners’ voting rights.

I listened to, well it was not a debate, with John Prescott taking part it could only be a shouting match, during which a complaint was made that the Judges were undemocratically chosen, to which John Prescott replied, “Of course they are elected, I elected them!”Ah well, that must be alright then, as our political future is safe in the hands of a man who took a job as a waiter with a cruise line, so avoiding National Service. A man who continually opened conversations with “When I was at sea, I worked ‘For Cunard’” Well, John, so did the rest of us, but we didn’t have sex with our secretary on the office desk, and neither did most of us wear out two toilet seats in two years! This, folks, is the calibre of appointee to the Assembly of the Council of Europe, a body which purports to tell us how our land should be governed.

Says a great deal about those who appoint the appointees!