Stand firm against ‘abuse’, but no worry about Hate propaganda!

I posted a few musings oupon the Dispatches Programme aired yesterday evening, just a few as the programme was still being broadcast, but now am able to cast a more considered gaze across the broadcast in full.

The recorded slices, filmed by concealed cameras, fell into two categories. The first category was to do with the blatant promotion of hard-line Islamic teaching, of the categorisation of all non-muslims as ‘Kuffar’, as unbelievers, as being unworthy of association with a ‘true believer’. The hate just went on, and on! All segments in this section stated an extreme antipathy towards Western values and Western people, and continued warnings from the preachers, who I have to say knew their business and their book; that any association or friendship with Western ideas, people or values was to be rejected.

The second of the two broadcast category was given and talked about as ‘child abuse’. Now when I, or many like me, think or talk about ‘child abuse’, we are of course referring to either sexual abuse of small children by perverts and deviants; or extreme violence perpetrated against a defenceless child by an adult; adult that is in terms of physical strength, not mental development. What we saw, what was depicted was mainly the reactions of an elderly man who couldn’t understand that he was in charge of small and growing boys, couldn’t understand that not everyone who was in the room gave as much respect as he to a book which is regarded as ‘holy’ by his fellow muslims. Yes, he clipped one or two, or more about the head; he slapped one small boy quite deliberately on the ear; yes he did use his foot more than once, to chastise and perhaps to motivate a bunch of unruly children; but ‘abuse’; not from where I was seated! I have seen and felt, far worse than that filmed during my time at a Catholic Grammar School, and what was filmed wasn’t abuse, it was probably frustration at his religion not being taken as seriously as he did!

But the treatment between the two categories by the producers and interviewers is what got my attention. The constant Islamic glorification, the hate-filled commentary against anything Western was said to be ‘disturbing’, and it ‘was not as the school had stated during the OFSTED inspections’, but very little else. No strong condemnation of the propaganda being poured into young, impressionable minds by a skilled and lucid spokesman for Islam! Contrast the actions taken by the police, as they arrest one man following ‘allegations of assault’, and are wishing to speak to another. Contrast the statements by Anne Cryer about the ‘abuse’ allegations, who said ‘It just isn’t acceptable,’ ‘We wouldn’t allow this to happen to white kids going to Sunday schools.’

No mention of the flood of anti-Western sentiments, but plenty of time to stop ‘hitting and kicking’ small boys!