Un-Common Man…1 Bureaucracy…..0

I wish to report a tiny but significant victory for we common people this morning. I had a battle with the Council, and I won. I cannot go into details, because that would expose certain private details of another, but what I can state is that the Council, or rather officials of the Council took one position, and my own was diametrically opposed to them.

Their position, from the outset, was one of ‘we know best’ and ‘we have our jobs to do’, in the great echoing traditions of both Local and Central Governments the world over. They wished that I would adopt a proposal without any argument, without consultation, without demur; because they ‘knew what was best’ for me and my family.
In amongst the communications sent by myself to the Council were the phrases “ No-one tells me what to do;” as well as “the attitude of Council Officials who seem all too keen to go ‘by the book’, and spend some three months odd reading that very same book?”

The Council officials seemed taken aback to find one member of the Community they are supposed to be working for, actively opposing the very thought processes of that same Council, which brings me to a very strange query. Am I the first to object strongly, and argue lucidly against a proposal of the Council?’ Am I the only person ever to take on this organisation with a budget of millions, and a staff numbering over 21,000? It would seem so, because they literally could not understand how their position was so firmly rejected by myself.

Still, they reversed their original demand, made a sensible ‘offer’, which I of course rejected, and the world moves on. If the bland statement that I had to acquiesce with their proposal been made in the form of an offer, all that acrimony would have been avoided, but ‘they knew best’.

Well, this time; they didn’t!!!

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