No real change around!

As we view the “New Revolutions” coming down the road in North Africa and the Middle East, I prefer to take a slightly jaundiced view of the outcomes of any changes which occur because ‘the new, young, computer-savvy, well-educated’ are supposed to be in charge.

Take Egypt for example; I mean the ‘New’ government bears a striking resemblance to the ‘old’ one, in that nearly all the cabinet retain their posts. Oh, and who gets to lead a ‘mass demonstation in Tahrir square’? Why, its none other that the friend of Red Ken Livingstone himself, Yusuf Al-Quaradawi, calling for a ‘jihad’ against Israel! I wonder if the people who courageously stood against the tanks and bullets of Mubarak reckoned they were letting loose a greater catastrophe than the 30-years of repression under the Generals?

Swing across to Tunisia, where there were demonstrations by religious groups against protitutes whose homes have been burned down. One woman asks, ‘Why did they do that?’ Simple, Lady, they did it for Allah, and the bearded fanatics who chant his name! They also slaughtered a Polish Catholic priest, probably because they don’t like Catholics either; a bit like Northern Ireland but with more sun!

We’ll watch what happens in Bahrein, where a shifty Shia majority have been lumbered with a Sunni monarchy for too long. They’ve grown complacent, what with the fifth US Fleet tied up alongside, but heavy guns and helicopters are no match for a bunch of angry people armed only with a sense of injustice!


Add Oman to the mix, along with Morocco, stir gently, and return to the boil!!!