Who watches the watchers?

I have written, briefly but openly, upon this site, on the absurdity of super-injunctions, and their continued presence even after they have been ‘outed’ within the confines of Parliament. Too many of our MPs are silent and subservient to the Judges, so when such admirable an example as MP John Hemmings, speaking in a debate upon ‘Freedom of Speech’ warns that he is about to speak openly about matters under such a secret ban, he is ‘warned’ by fellow MP Peter Bone! How dare this trumped-up excuse for a democrat warn a fellow MP that he must be careful. It is a fine line between caution and the Stasi, and our Government must be careful themselves that they weigh too heavily upon the rights of judges to decide what will, and what will not become common knowledge in Great Britain.

It is only some eighty-odd years ago that the man who would be king, Edward the Eighth, renounced his throne in order to marry a twice-divorced American, Wallis Simpson. But the first that the ordinary British public learned of the liaison between a future King and an American fortune hunter was on the day that news of the King’s Abdication was broadcast after the new King had ascended the Throne. Foreign newspapers had of course printed acres of newsprint about the ongoing romance between the Heir to the Throne and a double-divorcee, but not a word was printed or broadcast within the confines of Great Britain. By an unwritten but firmly-ordered news blackout, organised by a combination of newspaper proprietors, high Royal courtiers, a compliant and complaisant Government ensured that the man who was our next constitutional Monarch could do what he liked, in the knowledge that no publicity was given to his besotted arrangement with the woman whom no-one in Britain, apart from a select few, knew even existed.

It is true that most of the super-injunctions are given to protect the sleazy secrets of ‘celebrities’ or football and sporting ‘stars’, presumably on the grounds of Human Rights’ Article Eight of ‘Privacy’, but what about Article Ten, which discusses Freedom of Expression? Frankly, I could care less about whether English footballer John Terry screwed his best friend’s girlfriend or not, and similarly whether Max Mosley conducted sado-masochistic orgies with whores; but I do care passionately whether a ‘Public Servant’ is granted complete anonymity before trial on charges of paeadophile behaviour, solely on the grounds that he is a ‘Public Servant’. Stephen Glover has it about right when he states that with things going the way they are, it is hard not to be profoundly depressed.

The only real grounds for secrecy in a trial are those which relate to National Security, and this should and must only be claimed after scrupulous discussion, by independent Judges, of the evidence under review. There must and can be no alternatives. The truth must be seen, and to be heard, otherwise we exist upon the short and slippery road to the same ideas which kept our grandfathers from even reading that their future King was disporting himself with a woman ‘not acceptable within polite circles’. True, that  was the theme of the times, but our politicians were shrewd, and a woman who in later life met and was welcomed by Adolf Hitler couldn’t be said to be ‘suitable as the next Queen’.

Camouflage is everything!

The photo above is that of a Kudu, which is a large antelope which is found in Zimbabwe, Malawi and the Congo. I was travelling with my mate in Zimbabwe’s Hwange Game Park en route to Hwange airport, which  is about 90 miles to the south of Hwange itself. We had stopped the car to let a rather large herd of buffalo cross the track. Anyone who has ever seen buffalo up close knows that you just do not argue with buffalo. So we sat stationary, with my mate with his head and shoulders out of the window, camera up, aiming at these enormously powerful animals as they slowly meandered across our route.

The bush itself was quite close to my side of the car, and as I sat, waiting for my buddy to get over his buffalo fetish, I let my gaze wander over the thorns and leaves to my left.

I believed that, apart from the buffalo in plain sight ahead of us, we were alone, so I relaxed as my view casually swept forwards and, suddenly, an eye blinked about three feet from my face. Immediately, because I now had a reference point, I saw a huge KUDU was standing stock still about a yard away from the car. I scrabbled at my mate’s sleeve with my hand, not wanting to speak out loud but desperately trying to attract his attention away from the bleeding buffalo to this majestic animal which was standing right in front of my window, staring calmly at me. It may seem incredible to any who have not seen or experienced nature’s camouflage in action, but there it was; some six feet tall at the base of its twisted horns; and until it had blinked its eye, I simply had not seen it.

My buddy wound his body back inside the car at my urgent but silent beckoning, but before he turned his head around to see what I was jerking his arm off for, that beautiful Kudu simply walked away, and within five yards simply dissappeared in the thick bush and undergrowth.

As with Kudu, so carefully camouflaged by the very DNA of their survival; so with many other apparitions in Africa!

signed ‘Puzzled’ of Tunbridge Wells.

In these days when just about everyone is climbing upon the ‘We’re all doomed’ headline, so as maybe to get a little bit of extra notice, or something, I wonder how these two little pieces should be dealt with?

Should  the headlines read, ‘Of course it is a straight derivative of Global Warming’; or perhaps ‘This is a direct result of British indifference to the Carbon Dioxide Effect upon the planet as a whole; or even ‘we must get more money from the Green Tax, as well as the wonderful ‘Renewables’ lark, before we all get found out’?

‘It should be obligatory…!’

I have often considered the dichotomy which exists whenever either a ‘celebrity’, a media performer or a ‘person famous for being famous’ breaks an unworldly silence, unworldly that is from the point of view that they, the celebs/performers/famous are hardly ever silent anyway. Name me an actor, or a show-business presenter of almost any type, and I would guarantee that they have ‘proven expertise’ or hardened opinion’ on any other subject under the sun.

Conjure up a name, a well-known name, within the entertainment world, and you find an inexhaustible supply of ready-made opinions or even ‘accepted truths’ on any item which is under discussion within this diverse and troubled world of ours.

Martin Sheen,the star of ‘The West Wing’ t.v series, itself possibly one of the best political series of all time, spearheaded support for Obama before the election, and has since supported such foolishness as ‘gay marriage’ and other ultra-trendy ideas. Americans listened to him, and his opinions, and possibly some were influenced, despite the fact that Martin Sheen is an actor, and nothing else!  Jack Nicholson came out strongly for Clinton, and his views were widely reported over millions of others because his was a name and a message which the media wanted to hear.

Similarly in Great Britain, the idea of ‘celebrity support’ is loved by the dead tree press and t.v. because the names are well-known; so the views of those well-known names must be correct, because who would dare to go against the views of ‘Katie Price’ or a cast member of ‘Eastenders’ who spoke on politics for example.

I know that exercise is good for me. I state this not only because I am educated and aware, but also because my disgustingly-intelligent daughter won’t let me forget it. Similarly, just about every sentient English, Scots, Northen Irish and Welsh person in these Isles knows that exercise is good for us. What we do with that knowledge is our business, and ours alone. What I, and possibly millions of others, don’t need is yet another ‘personality’ telling us what we already know. So it is with some reluctance that I tell Kate Humble to shut up, leave us alone, and allow us to go to hell in our own, very quiet and very personal way!

Do arabs have Angels?

One day, by chance, an Arab comes across an angel. The angel invites him to make four wishes and promises to grant them immediately.

The Arab thinks for a while then says, “I wish I had blue eyes”. Shazam! He has blue eyes!

The angel asks for his second wish. The Arab thinks for a moment then says, “I wish I had blonde hair”. Shazam! The Arab has blonde hair.

The angel invites him to make his third wish. The Arab replies, “I wish I was a Swede and had a Swedish passport!” Shazam! He is now a Swede with a Swedish  passport!

The angel asks for his fourth and last wish. The Arab thinks carefully then replies…“I wish I didn’t have to work, and I could get loads of money without doing a stroke of work!” Shazam! Transformed back into an Arab again, with brown eyes, dark skin and curly hair. But in his pockets he finds a benefits book, a social security card, a free bus pass, a family
credit pack, and a housing benefit form!


Josaine Plateret, a candidate for Sarkozy’s ruling UMP party in
France, has just been suspended from the party for posting “racist” jokes on her
Facebook page, among which is this gem.

Racist? Disagree, this is Reality!

A dim Red Rose man.

I usually listen to the ‘Sports’ broadcast clips on the BBC Today programme with half-an-ear, as what they talk/discuss/interminably bore about is of no concern to me; but this morning was an exception. I found myself listening with rising rage and anger at the ‘I’m just an honest Yorkshireman’s’ tones of Geoffrey Boycott, as he was once again putting his expertise on show. The interviewer was reporting that Michael Yardy was returning home due to ‘depression’, and the bluff flat-toned comment from Boycott was that, ‘Well, I don’t know about depression, but if he can’t handle it, he shouldn’t be there in the first place’!

Well, folks, I do know just a little about the effects of mental illnesses, and I find the cricketing buffoon’s comments both insulting and deeply insensitive to the millions of people who have suffered, are suffering and will suffer from these crippling illnesses in the future!

Geoff Boycott has built himself something of a reputation for so-called ‘plain speaking’, and I for one would expect a plain and honest apology for the stupid and terminally silly remarks made about a sportsman who has been absolutely honest with himself, his team and the sporting public. If, that is, the ‘Bluff Yorkshireman’ can find it in himself to admit that he made a huge mistake in dismissing the actions of a man suffering from ‘depression’ in that cavalier manner!