Tickets please!!!

EgyptAir…………..58 large and medium sized Jet aircraft

Saudi Arabian Airways……….141 (and counting) large, very large and medium sized airliners

Kuwait ………………….18 large jet aircraft

Gulf Air (Bahrain)………..34 jet airliners.

Why are we flying thousands of Egyptians from Tunisian border to Egypt? Don’t they care about their fellow Arabs?

Obey the Law, and the law won’t bother you!

Listening to the usual ramble of liberal bullshit from ACPO and its female speaker about managing ‘protests’, and how they will ‘talk to people’ and ‘want to help the demonstrators, and so ‘avoid the violence’ and all the other bullshit!

We know that all the ‘violence’ is managed, and generated by these same ‘protesters’, and no matter how many senior police men come on radio and t.v. to say it isn’t so, I would simply point to this post by the ever-estimable ‘Inspector Gadget’, in which he describes a march and meeting of some 2500, that is two thousand five hundred men belonging to the English Defence League.

I also point to the Countryside Alliance march in London a few years ago. which was far, far larger! No riots, no damage, no hate; just a polite statement that ‘We are who we are, and you won’t get any problems from us, because we know how to behave!’

No violence, no damage, no ‘kettling’, no upheavals, no threat to the Civil order! No worries!