Good sport, or a cheating, lying, grubby man?

As some may know, my knowledge or interest in Sport in general is minimal to non-existent.

So when I comment upon an individuals prowess, character or personal history, it is from an un-aligned viewpoint.

Giving the above as read, does anyone share my view that the Cheating, Lying Fraud who goes by the name of Dwain Chambers should continue to live his life without sullying the tracks of the Olympic Stadiums by his ‘druggie’ presence?

It is all very well saying he has served his sentence, and should be given an opportunity to proceed in his chosen sporting activity, but I cannot forget that he lied and cheated, and in doing so deprived other honest competitors of a chance at their moment of sporting glory!

No, Chambers should be told that he is not welcome, now or at any time, because it should be clear that cheats never prosper, and should not even be allowed the chance at that prosperity!

One thought on “Good sport, or a cheating, lying, grubby man?

  1. Agree completely. Athletics, it must be said, bores me rigid and I know or care nothing about this “Dwain Chambers”. But cricket, which is my thing, has been horribly tainted in recent years with match fixing scandals bringing shame on the sport of gentlemen.

    It’s harder to expunge the records of individuals from a team game than a solo sport but it’s essential that bans – lifetime ones – are handed out. And I’d be delighted to see the law get more aggressive in this area too. After all, it’s fraud…especially when betting is involved.

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