Guilty as prophesied!

Some few short weeks ago, I posted on the media hounding of  Chris Jefferies in regard to the murder investigation of Jo Yeates.

We now read that Mr. Jefferies has now been released from police bail, and is no longer a suspect.

Will we now be reading a full apology, with substantial compensation offers, in the pages which virtually tore the man’s life apart?

With such damning statements as “You didn’t want him to come near you. He was very unkempt and had dirty fingernails. He was weird. and “He was very eccentric, odd and could be described as a loner. We all thought it odd that a man his age didn’t have a wife and had blue-rinse hair.”, I wonder if he didn’t risk a lynch mob.

Mr. Jefferies should be speaking to solicitors with an urgent view to legal charges against most of our newspapers, because his life was torn apart by intrusive journalism, and he should receive reparations for that intrusion!

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