And the Lord thy God(dess)….


Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Established Church………Church of England or Anglican Church

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd is the head of the Church of England

Lords Spiritual number 26 Anglican Bishops, who are able to sit in the House of Lords

So it is a fact that the Church is still, or rather should be, despite many rumours and statements to the contrary, a major player in the Governance of this Nation.

But you would not be given much reassurance if you checked another major State institution, namely the British Broadcasting Corporation.

BBC head of Religion and Ethics since 2009………..Aaqil Ahmed, a muslim.

BBC broadcasts 164 hours of religious content per year. Given in percentage terms, that is 1.872% of total time available.

BBC ‘Face of Religion’ is Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou. Dr Stavrakopoulou is an atheist who states “As a biblical scholar, I see what I do as an academic discipline, a branch of history like any other.”. She also believes that God has a wife. Fair enough!