Here, Freddy, Freddy……

So Fred Goodwin has obtained a super-injunction against, among others being described as a BANKER.

So we should now speculate what the newspaper has actually discovered about this multi-millionaire who got he wealth through a combination of  corporate greed, lax or non-existent regulation, financial shenanigans of the worst order, arrogance beyond belief, and a firm opinion that he is above criticism!

Was he planning to spend more time in his garden?

Was he going back to the Drawing Board? Can it be asked if he is taking the Architecture lark seriously?

Is he planning to go shopping and swimming again?

Has Sir Fred been outed as a secret friend of Prince Andrew?

Is he hiding the fact that he has been outed as being not a BANKER, but instead a WANKER? We know that Fred Goodwin has been shagging some bankeress slag; all that is unknown is who the slag is, and the Injunction is therefore useless! Why bother? If he had let the bloody story go without comment, it would have been a one-day wonder. As it is, everybody and his bleeding uncle knows he’s been shoving his Big Dick into someone he wasn’t married to!