Just hand me the Lamp, Harry!

Are you fed up with taking all sorts of assorted crap care of the F****ing European Union? Are your wallets slimmer care of that same f*****ing European Union? Do you read almost every day of slime who are allowed to remain in the United Kingdom because we are not allowed to deport the bastards, courtesy of the European Human Rights bullshit; and interpretation therof by our own uselss judiciary?

Well, hope is at hand; at least because of one tiny but significant loophole in the monstrous pile of European Union regulations with which we are ruled.

I suggest that you all take up, as a hobby, or as a means of livelihood, motor car mechanical maintenance. No, I really mean that, because if you do, when you are equipping your garage or workshop to enjoy your tasks both successfully and safely, you should immediately invest in two or more Electrical Inspection Lights, complete of course with a suitable length of wander cable attached, so that you may crawl underneath or all round the vehicle you are working on. The importance of that particular purchase will become immediately apparent when I tell you that use of these lights is within the title or parameter of ‘Rough Service’; because by the very nature of the use to which those lights are given, they are built to take knocks and bumps without the possibility of the guards and handles breaking or being damaged.

But, I hear you call, what has this to do with the European Union? Well, folks, the ‘Rough Service’ designation also applies to the lamps which fit in the Inspection Lights. The ‘Energy-Saving’ flourescent lamps so beloved of the ‘Greenies’, the ‘Climate Warriors’ and the E.U. Parliament and Commission will not work in those conditions, so ‘Rough Service’ incandescent lamps should be fitted to all Inspection Lights in your workshop, so you might work safely; and because the lamps are ‘bayonet cap’, they will strangely enough fit all normal light fittings in your home.

So, Google in to find ‘100 Watt, B.C. Rough Service 240 Volt Lamp bulbs’, and you too will be free, or at least a tiny bit more free, than you were before you read this little attempt at insurrection!

p.s. You don’t really have to buy the Inspection Lights as well as the Lamps!

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