The names change, the spirits remain the same.

Dateline….June 2050

After the Libyan Army crushed the Benghazi Revolution, sporadic arms resistance continued in various cities for months. But it was the  passive resistance, the silent political struggle, the calls for strikes that continued to present a challenge to the puppet government of Colonel Ghadaffi. His Arab leader colleagues, especially the Bahrainis and the Saudis, pressured him to hit the revolutionaries hard.

Reprisals began in late June with mass arrests, deportations to Chad, special courts and military trials, and the establishment of internment camps. More than 200,000 Libyans escaped to the West.

However, the heroes of 2011 did not die or suffer in vain. They demonstrated such uncommon bravery, such a universal yearning for freedom from tyranny, that the whole world was forced to see the true face of messianic dictators at last. The Revolution’s spirit came full circle in June, 2050, when the Libyan Revolutionary Dead were finally given the public burial by a grateful Libyan Nation that had waited 40 years to pay homage to their sacrifice.

I have changed the names of the Country, of the villains and the heroes as well as the dates, but the history remains much the same.

If you click here, and scroll to November 4th, you will see exactly what I mean.

I was commencing my engineering education when these things happened, I read of the attempts of a few patriotic idealists, of people who thought they could fight tanks with rifles and revolvers, I read of the abduction and murder of those who trusted the Soviets, and I watched as the Western World stood by as a whole Nation was firmly enslaved once more in a grip which was only slowly released when Communism fell.

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