‘…feeling nearly as faded as my jeans’

When we refer to our Nationality, we who live in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales, we state possibly one of the four specified, English, Scottish etc., sometimes for convenience we state British, rarer still do we say ‘the U.K’. It is a convention amongst those who wish to control the very way we think that we should refer to ourselves as ‘White British’ or whatever tag they wish to hang around our necks, including the ludicrous ‘Traveller’, which is supposed to describe a bunch of clown who seem to want to do anything but ‘travelling’, but perhaps that is an argument for another day. But the illusion under which we live in this Country of ours is that we are ‘free’. I stress ‘illusion’ becasue our freedoms are becoming more and more circumscribed, and we do not even know about these legal moves, because access to even the knowledge of these moves is being held as prejudicial. Prejudicial to the motives of those who wish the information to be kept secret, is what I believe!

Consider this:-    An M.P.’s constituent is threatened with having his 4 year-old daughter removed into care if he (the constituent) contacts the M.P. He is threatened with the loss into a Council Care facility of his small child if he contacts his own Member of Parliament! (Take the time, read the full document as linked; it is very revealing!)

Consider this:- A hyper-injunction goes a step further. Mr Hemming told the Commons that the order, which was obtained at the High Court in 2006, prevents an individual from saying that paint used in water tanks on passenger ships could break down and release potentially toxic chemicals. It specifically bars the person from discussing the  case with “members of Parliament, journalists and lawyers”, along with the US coastguard and any ship owners, and also forbids any speculation linking chemicals in the paint with the illness of any individuals. It says: “The defendant must not communicate to the third parties any speculation that the illness of any individual (including without limitation the collapse of H) was, has been or will be brought out by the chemical composition or the chemicals present in the coating of the potable water tanks.”

It seems as though the Judges have decided that THEY make the Law, not Parliament! Where does it state that Judges have the power to stop an Englishman from contacting his own MP? No-one  has challenged the imposition of Super- or even Hyper-Injunctions. Where are the champions of justice? Where indeed?


Equation ………………Secret Court  +   Secret Trial…= Reichschancellery