Do arabs have Angels?

One day, by chance, an Arab comes across an angel. The angel invites him to make four wishes and promises to grant them immediately.

The Arab thinks for a while then says, “I wish I had blue eyes”. Shazam! He has blue eyes!

The angel asks for his second wish. The Arab thinks for a moment then says, “I wish I had blonde hair”. Shazam! The Arab has blonde hair.

The angel invites him to make his third wish. The Arab replies, “I wish I was a Swede and had a Swedish passport!” Shazam! He is now a Swede with a Swedish  passport!

The angel asks for his fourth and last wish. The Arab thinks carefully then replies…“I wish I didn’t have to work, and I could get loads of money without doing a stroke of work!” Shazam! Transformed back into an Arab again, with brown eyes, dark skin and curly hair. But in his pockets he finds a benefits book, a social security card, a free bus pass, a family
credit pack, and a housing benefit form!


Josaine Plateret, a candidate for Sarkozy’s ruling UMP party in
France, has just been suspended from the party for posting “racist” jokes on her
Facebook page, among which is this gem.

Racist? Disagree, this is Reality!

A dim Red Rose man.

I usually listen to the ‘Sports’ broadcast clips on the BBC Today programme with half-an-ear, as what they talk/discuss/interminably bore about is of no concern to me; but this morning was an exception. I found myself listening with rising rage and anger at the ‘I’m just an honest Yorkshireman’s’ tones of Geoffrey Boycott, as he was once again putting his expertise on show. The interviewer was reporting that Michael Yardy was returning home due to ‘depression’, and the bluff flat-toned comment from Boycott was that, ‘Well, I don’t know about depression, but if he can’t handle it, he shouldn’t be there in the first place’!

Well, folks, I do know just a little about the effects of mental illnesses, and I find the cricketing buffoon’s comments both insulting and deeply insensitive to the millions of people who have suffered, are suffering and will suffer from these crippling illnesses in the future!

Geoff Boycott has built himself something of a reputation for so-called ‘plain speaking’, and I for one would expect a plain and honest apology for the stupid and terminally silly remarks made about a sportsman who has been absolutely honest with himself, his team and the sporting public. If, that is, the ‘Bluff Yorkshireman’ can find it in himself to admit that he made a huge mistake in dismissing the actions of a man suffering from ‘depression’ in that cavalier manner!