Yes, but the money is ‘great’!

I note that Michael Buerk has come out with all guns blazing in support of his buddy Peter Sissons’ autobiography. He comments vitriolically on the BBC and its journalists
and ‘warns that they read the left-wing Guardian newspaper as if it is ‘their Bible’’. He goes on to say that the BBC is warped by the prejudices of its staff, his fellow reporters have ‘contempt’ for business and the countryside – and that a left-wing culture means the national broadcaster has been cast ‘adrift of the overriding national sentiment’ on issues such as climate change.

Whilst heartily agreeing with Mr. Buerk on the totally-biased stances of his erstwhile employer on such things as ‘Climate Change’, and the pre-eminence of the Guardian as a ‘journal of influence’ within the BBC; along with all the Lefty-luvvies who prance around the corridors of  our national broadcaster, I would however ask one very simple question.

If he disagreed with the political, moral and ethical stances of his employer, who must have paid him large anounts of money over the years; if his beliefs were so compromised, why did he not resign early in his distinguished career from an organisation which he disliked so very much?

One thought on “Yes, but the money is ‘great’!

  1. I totally agree with you Mike. Everything he says about the BBC is true, but when he had the opportunity to speak out and do something about it he did absolutely nothing.

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