Religion; accountancy style!

I place this rather special video to commemorate the hundreds of lives ruined by a class of people who thought that they, and they alone, knew what was best; what was ‘acceptable’ and what was to be done with girls and women who had ‘sinned’ by becoming pregnant out of wedlock within the Irish State not that many years ago. I am of course talking of the ‘Invisible Government’ of the Irish Republic, which ruled with an iron fist concealed within a velvet glove; I am talking of the Catholic Church.
Some short time ago, I wrote of the injustice, cruelty, sexual and physical abuse suffered by thousands of the more ‘invisible’ exports this country of ours has piloted, which in time was commemorated by the Canadian Government’s dedication of 2010 as the Year of the British Home Child; commenting that at least they could rejoice with the issue of a Commemorative Stamp. Unfortunately, this post disappeared when ATW was hacked, and as I did not copy across to my own site, my text, dipped in concentrated sulphuric acid, was lost. Fortunately, my memory is still fairly active, and I found a previous post about the grievous crimes committed against thousands of innocent children by Charities, Local councils, Anglican and Roman Catholic clergy by callously shipping them off to Australia, Canada and Southern Africa.
But now we hear of new revelations from Spain, that once most-Catholic of countries, with news that Catholic nuns and religious communities, under the guise of medical care during birth, have colluded with other sectors of their religion to secure newly-born babies immediately after their birth, conceal or lie about the fact that the child still lives; and then to SELL that innocent baby to a couple who can afford the price. ANADIR’s 41-year-old president, Antonio Barroso, says he found out only about three years ago that the parents who raised him were not his biological parents. He said he learned he was sold at birth to another family for 200,000 pesetas, the Spanish currency that preceded the euro. At today’s rate that is about euro1,200 ($1,600) although at the time it was a worth a lot more.
In the time of the Medici Popes, prayers and priestly titles were auctioned off for money to fight wars, but at least this was openly known about. What says the Catholic Church today, when it is accused not only of systematic abuse and near slavery conditions, pederast and paeadophile priests given sanctuary behind a wall of indifference and silence; but now of the abuse of the most innocent of us all, new-born children, harvested from the very wombs that gave them birth, and sold off with precision for profit?
What was that saying I was taught so very long ago in that Catholic Grammar School? Ah, yes, I remember it now!
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam….translated is….To the Greater Honour and Glory of God.
I wonder if He appreciates the ‘honour and glory’ of those sacrifices in Spain?
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