tell me the old, old story!

I have often wondered when a list will emerge of the items, activities and indeed places which will not cause cancers in the human body. We have seen such illusory activities as ‘secondary’ or ‘passive’ smoking included on the killer list, as well as diet, genetic characteristics and the use of harsh hair bleaches.

However, after prior advice that a glass of red wine a day will help stave of a heart attack, we now read that ANY alcohol use, over an unspecified period, will cause cancer and death within your body. The only good news is that your chances of survival grow exponentially if you are female; but apart from that: WE ARE ALL DOOMED!

Don’t know about you, but I’m gonna have a drink to celebrate beating the odds by reaching seventy years of age whilst smoking like a chimney for thirty years, drinking when and what I felt like for just about all my adult life; all whilst holding two fingers in salute to all the ‘experts’ who only preach of doom and gloom in order to get some exposure for their silly, stupid and often grotesquely wrong theories and statistics.

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