So are you black british, black welsh, or just ******?

So when we read of this, many of us expected the knee-jerk banning of private ownership of guns, but we did see semi-automatic weaponry banned.

When a madman struck in Dunblane, the hand-gun ban was introduced very quickly.

When Derrick Bird ran amok, shot-gun rules were looked at, but it was thought that you cannot legislate against a madman.

But when a black man shoots a black girl, is the resultant furore because

  • of the weaponry held by the killer
  • the skin colour and possible future of the dead girl
  • the skin colour of the killer
  • the fact that there are 22 gangs in Hackney alone, carving out ‘territory’ by postcode
  • the possibility that nearly all members of these gangs are black, whether Carribean from Jamaica, or Nigerian or from yet another black-ridden slum pit
  • There are seven times more black people, by population proportion, than white people in prison today.

So can we now accept that Enoch was not only right then, but he is also equally right now?

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