migration, or imposition?

When you hear or read of politicians discussing immigration in tones which ‘suggest’ that mistakes have been made, and changes will be made, just check the calendar, and find out when Elections are due.

Dave Cameron is supposed to be bleating on about how they can’t speak English, and how they don’t integrate; and then how his Coalition will be ‘doing something’ about it.

‘Fast Forward’ if you will to about five-six months into the future, and I forecast with almost crystal clarity that absolutely nothing will have changed, is about to change, or indeed has ever planned to be changed in the field of Immigration.

The Pakistanis, the Bangladeshis, the Nigers from Nigeria, the muslims from all the slum-spots of the world; they will all be still flooding in, along with all the family friends and sidekicks who are given entrance to this Country, and the British will still be waiting to be asked if they like it!