The land of the Free…

Norman Rockwell, an artist who created controversy with every brushstroke, features in a travelling exhibit called American Chronicles..The Art of Norman Rockwell.

I came upon this knowledge through a visit to a fellow blogger’s pages, and through him to the source of the comments on this iconic figure in American Culture and Art.

As I commented in David Duff’s pages:-

Some rate Rockwell as a cheesy folksy amateur, whose images, while never showing ‘Mom and Apple Pie’ literally had those thoughts showing through every thing he produced. Whilst I accept that those who disliked Norman have as much right to their opinion as I have to mine, I would argue that Rockwell, together with his chosen vehicle of the Saturday Evening Post as a carrier for his vision, showed the real strength of America.

What other Nation, apart from America, could rise up from the seeming death blow of Pearl Harbour to bring the thunderclouds of retribution upon the Japanese Empire in four odd years? Along with the mightiest armadas ever seen upon the oceans, they brought succour and help to a stricken British Empire when it was needed most, leaving 30,000 of their young men dead after flying against the Nazis in the Skies of Occupied Europe!

His deft brushstrokes revealed a strength of purpose within the American psyche, and if the Warlords of Germany and Japan had maybe studied his works, they might have seen the strength hidden behind a camouflage of ‘stumbling mongrels’, as the Japanese named the many peoples who made up the Nation who backstopped democracy until the War was won.

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