Because of the Children!

I have read of, and sympathised with, many people who are distinctly uncomfortable with the high level of security at airports, inclusive of the frisking and thorough patting-down of people inclusive of small children before flight-time. I do admit to a certain level of dissatisfaction with the civilian category of security at British airports, what with the low I.Q. evident amongst the people assigned to search, and security in general. Add to that the large numbers of bloody muslims who are employed in the security industry, by virtue partly of the fact that they allegedly will do a job which is totally mind-destroying and who are ultra-visible by virtue of their dress, their features and their colour.

But I have now to admit that, after watching the televised production of ‘The Liquid Bomb Plot’ on television, I have changed my mind completely!

Why the change of mind?

Because the bomb plotters were actually recorded discussing whether they should bring their wives and children on board the very flights that they were planning to destroy. Imagine, if you can; the mindset of an individual who is not only planning to destroy, without compunction, a series of airliners which would be carrying over two thousand lives: but also to bring on board the jet which they plan to destroy their own families, because that would ensure that the ‘Kuffar’, the Infidel, would never suspect that a ‘Jihadi’ was in fact on board.

Allahu fucking Akhbar!

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