Alternative voting; Block a Tory!

AV; Alternate Voting.

We are told that ‘THE WINNING CANDIDATE WILL ALWAYS EITHER HAVE THE MAJORITY OF VOTES, OR WILL BE THE MOST POPULAR CANDIDATE  OVERALL’ – therefore they are a better representative of their constituency.

Once everyone has voted, all the 1st choices are added up – if any candidate has more than 50% of that count, they win! AV only kicks in if no candidate has a majority.

The principles of democracy are that the person sitting in Westminster representing a constituency, represents the majority of that consituency. This does not always happen with the existing First Past the Post voting system.

All the usual reasons are trotted out by the Left, and the Lefties (Lib-Dems) but this morning, the cat is as usual, out of the bag with Vince Cable’s statement that the “progressive majority’, meaning Labour and their puppets the Lib-Dems should vote ‘Yes to AV’ because that way they can keep the Tories out forever! His statements are echoed by Polly Toynbee (who else) and a host of trendy clowns who just wanna get their lefty-liberal wishy-washy policies in again.

So, get off your collective a**holes on the 5th May, and vote ‘No’ to AV if only for the sheer joy of upsetting the likes of Cable, Milliband, Toynbee, Prescott and all the other scroungers who say one thing, but mean something entirely different.

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