Flee, for we are all contaminated!

Not too many people listen to the Sunday Programme on the BBC, but I do, mainly because it never fails to get my blood pressure up and racing, spitting blood and snot (metaphorically speaking) as I listen. This morning’s effort was little different, with the usual platitudes being spread far and wide. The speakers just couldn’t understand why the residents of Burnley kept pretty much to themselves, white with white, and ‘Asian’ with ‘Asian’ in their housing and living arrangements, and equally could not understand why not many white people acknowledged having ‘Asian’ friends, or vice versa!

In other words, the usual, liberal, hands-wringing bullshit about ‘why people couldn’t see the best of each other, and how ‘integrated’ or secular schools would of course work the miracle they were all hoping for to prove the flawed philosophy of ‘MultiCulturalism’ actually works!

But the icing on the cake, about twenty-one minutes in to the recording, was the world-shattering discovery  that a BNP Councillor, John Cave, has been elected by his fellow Councillors in the Town Council of Padiham to become Deputy Mayor. Not to be Mayor, but to be the Deputy Mayor. The problem is that this year’s Deputy automatically becomes next year’s Mayor!

They rolled out some Bishop or cleric to state that the whole idea was appalling, despite the vicar also stating that he had nothing personal against Mr. Cave, its just that he was a member of a ‘RACIST’ organisation, he holds ‘RACIST’ views; and that just wasn’t British. They did include a counter-argument from an ex-Councillor, who stated that the Town  Council is a non-political organisation, that Mr. Cave was elected by a majority of his fellow Councillors, his political views were not important, and his work as a Town Councillor had been without reproach.

Next: the police will probably be called in to investigate the other Councillors to ascertain if they secretly hold similar views to Mr. Cave, and the file will be forwarded to the Criminal  Benevolent Crown Prosecution Service for action.

Frankly, I reckon Mr. Cave’s biggest problem is that he has just a moustache instead of a full beard, like mine!

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