Still keeping a secret?

So you are a German politician. You learn that details of your previous life are being circulated upon Wikipedia  pages.

These details include the fact that you were a member of the STASI, or East German Secret Police, and that you celebrated the birthday of Stalin, allegations that you were a partner in an Internet Porn site, and news that you joined the STASI because you believed in the way it operated and its philosophies.

You go to the ever-obliging legal system in Germany, and obtain an injunction against to blank any access to its site from Germany.

You then learn that your legal actions have only blocked one small bit of the Free Internet Wikipedia organisation, your details are still up there for everyone to see and read; access has gone up by 700% since your action began, and contributions to Wikipedia have soared, so you give up, drop the injunction, and slink away into the undergrowth.

Transport, if you will the scene to Great Britain’s shores, and we will probably see the following attempts at silencing or blocking the ‘public’s right to know’:

David Cameron tries to block news that he is a firm supporter of everything European, including overall control of our borders, our press, our taxes and anything not so far controlled by the European behemoth.

Nick Clegg attempts to keep secret the astounding news that his medical files include the fact that he has no spine at all!

William Hague stops publication of long-range lens photos of him making a decision which was beneficial to Great Britain, on the grounds that people will find it too incredible to be true!

Ed Millband also tries to prevent knowledge leaking out that he texts ‘triumphant gloats’ to his brother Dave.

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