Two faces, one smile, one smirk

As a corporate member of the Grandfather club, I can state that the items I treasure the highest are the sights of the smiles on the faces of my two grandsons. Some of Grandson#1’s smiles come by digital photos, some from real life with Grandson#2, in my home or in his, but by either package, they show an innocent delight in life, they are the very definition of love both given and received. The wearers of those smiles are the very definition of Family, of what life is all about; and they are and should be defended against harm, against evil and against neglect.

Consider the smile, and the short, tortured life of tiny Baby Peter Connelly. Consider the abbreviated list of his injuries, which included:

Eight broken ribs
Snapped spine
Missing fingertips
Missing finger nails and toe nails
Bite marks
Ulcerated infected wounds to his scalp (probably from infected bites)
Bruises all over his body
Injuries to the inside of his mouth
His left earlobe had been torn,

and then consider that his life span was over after seventeen months. It is small wonder that so few photos of little Peter exist, and only one which shows that small defenceless child smiling!


And then consider, if you will, the smirk on the face of Sharon Shoesmith. Whilst not guilty of the torture and murder of that tiny child, she is deeply complicit in his death, because the post she held was specifically created to help counter and remove any possibility of a repeat of the circumstances leading to the death of Victoria Climbiè. In one of the very, very few actions of the Labour Government and its Cabinet Officers of which I approved; Ed Balls, Schools Secretary fired Sharon Shoesmith after the publication of a report into Haringey Social Services actions regarding Peter Connelly’s death. And after a High Court battle which she lost, an Appeal Court action has stated that she was unlawfully dismissed. So if the Government and Haringey lose an appeal to the Supreme Court, she walks free, still smirking.







It is a great pity that little Peter never got the chance to smile properly, but there again, he probably wouldn’t know about clever people like Q.C.s, and lawyers, and Judges who frequently smile all the way to the bank!


Snake-oil Salesman wins lottery!

The words were spoken…………. and the sonorous tones once more were heard………………… and the regulation pauses in the speech were made to enhance the delivery….. …………………..but although the auto-cue worked perfectly, and everyone got a mention, and even the Court Jester looked suitably star-struck……………………………….the Speech somehow failed to take off.

Obama’s first, and possibly only attempt at humour, mentioning the Pope, Mandela and Her Majesty as his predecessors got the regulation laugh, and applause; but the rest of his performance, if he could have been transported to the Late-night Comedy circuit, would have ensured that he got paid for his evening’s work, but doubt if the management would have invited him back for a repeat performance.

Wnen Obama’s speechwriter was hired, he talked of how he simply shaped the thoughts and theories of the President into speech, and how to bring his thoughts into words and actions. It is a great pity that Obama’s mentors weren’t mentioned in any of his speeches. Mentors such as the rabble-rousing Reverend Jeremiah White, he of the ‘ blacks should not sing “God Bless America” but “God damn America.” ‘ and other White American-friendly observations. It should be noted that although President Obama stated the Reverend White was ‘like an old uncle who says things I don’t always agree with’, it is a fact that the Reverend married Michelle and Barack, baptised their two children, and is even credited with the title of Obama’s book, ‘The Audacity of Hope’. Mentors such as  Gregory Galluzzo – a former Jesuit priest, now married and Executive Director of the Gamaliel community organizing network, who was quoted “‘We are really cowards for not wanting power,’ because ‘power is good’ and ‘powerlessness is evil.’ Not included within the Westminster speech were any observations on how he came to be attending any church in the first place.

Yes, the obligatory references were made to our common heritage, but as English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish we already know how important Runnymede was, but perhaps more might have been made of the only truly loud noise ever welcomed by British people.

But Obama’s greatest mistake within his speech was contained within the passage which discussed, or at least made reference to, Islamic terrorism. He claimed that the West was at war with al-Quaeda, but stated that the West will never be at war with Islam. Whether this belief, this statement comes from his upbringing, or his political conversion, or is simply a piece of rhetoric to cover his mistakes, he cannot be seriously expecting men and women of intelligence and gravitas not to accept that the core of Islam, the very ideal of Muslim thought, is the installation of a world-wide Caliphate, with everyone subservient to Islamic ideals, or dead!

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Injunctions R’ Us presents another ‘Exclusive’!

The heading usually means that no-one else could be bothered to print it; but this time it is different!

I can reveal that the paranoid Russian idiot Romantic Wozzabrimovich is the proud possessor of his very own Super-Injunction, which tries to stop everyone from confirming that he is a paranoid, football-crazed idiot with delusions of grandeur.

After splashing out humoungous amounts of cash, and getting himself a warning letter from his bank-manager that he has to be careful, as he is down to only four super-yachts and a very, very, very expensive replacement wife; with only a few hundreds of millions of the money left which he previously stole from the old USSR; he watched in raw anger as his football team, recently-renamed ‘NotShellsea United’ so as to distinguish them from all the other foreign-owned Premier league football clubs, lost any chance of winning anything this year at all.

His week-end was further ruined with the arrival of an e-mail from one of his team’s former managers, whose name rhymes with ‘Sardinho’, with the message asking, “Miss me lots already?”

The senior Judge complied with the request from the team of six-hundred and ninety-two lawyers, and issued the Hyper-Super-Extra Injunction, which ensures that no-one will be allowed to know it exists, even Romantic himself and especially his very, very, very expensive wife, as she was planning to go shopping on Sunday and buy New Bond Street!

Er, well,, yes, but……

It is almost impossible to establish exactly how much damage the Blair-Brown Labour Cabal has inflicted upon this once-lightly regulated and controlled Society of ours.  From the avalanche in Immigration to the explosion in Regulatory activities, much imported, it is true, from Brussels but just as eagerly embraced by ‘New Labour’, the rise in ‘red tape’, in form-filling, box-ticking and insistence on the ‘fairness’ of things, we see every day the result. We see the Judges doing their own thing, because, as they quite rightly point out, ‘the politicians brought these Laws into existence, and we are only doing our job by interpreting them as we see fit’.

I am reminded of only one basic law when I see the changes wrought by the dead hand of ‘New Labour’; and that is the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Take, if you will, the subject of Waste, and how it is controlled, marshalled, treated, dispersed and managed. Now when I talk of Waste matter, I am writing about household rubbish, human waste in Sewers, industrial and commercial refuse, Waste dumps, waste treatment works, incinerators. I am talking about large amounts of money paid to contractors to handle ‘recyclable material’ to aid our ‘Carbon Footprint’ (whatever illusory idea that might be), I am talking about huge investments, ammounting to millions of pounds, in Sewage Treatment processes which can handle the waste products of a modern industrial city and rural areas, along with all its varied inhabitants. I am also talking about processes so dangerous that access to certain areas of work that multiple permits are needed to control access, because of the sheer dangers within those areas. I am talking of people working in areas where full rubber-suit plus breathing apparatus is essential, because the effluent resultant upon the mixing of certain materials is so toxic that to even breathe the vapours produced would be to ensure Death within five seconds; and I do not exaggerate!

So when I talk of the Law of Unintended Consequences, can somebody explain how the collection, treatment and disposal of the tons and huge containers full of various types of Waste material would be better arranged by the conclusions of an Equality Impact Assessment, as listed at 1.11, which of course possibly determines that all people are treated Equally when it comes to shoving their rubbish in a wheelie-bin?

As Enoch said; ‘We must be mad!’

I have many reasons to be annoyed with the Tory Party, as well as their cohorts the Lib-Dems, and the heaviest reason is that they still cling to the foreign ideals, the totally objectionable ideals brought into Britain by the Labour party when in power. I am writing, of course, about the totally-illiberal actions which have been brought about as a direct result of the importation of Human Rights legislation, the short-cuts to access to the European Court of Human Rights, and the glazed fascination given that repulsive legislation by out own Judges and Law Lords.

We see armed hi-jackers from Afghanistan not only welcomed into Britain, but allowed to stay, along with their festering families. We read of a ‘totally bogus Asylum seeker’ who killed a girl by literally driving over her being allowed to stay in Britain because he has ‘family ties’ with some slapper who he probably pushed up against the back of a toilet wall to procreate his ‘family’.

And now we read of a terrorist, extradited from Britain after a long and drawn-out trial, and sent to Italy. There he receives a slap on the wrist for posession of a ‘bogus’ document, and is allowed to walk free. He goes to Switzerland, but the Swiss, being shrewd, kick him out to where? Where else but Britain. The Home Office tries to send him back to the Swiss, but the bloody judges say he can stay. The Home Office, having identified and deported him once before, is now not allowed to kick the murderous son-of-a-sow back to Tunisia, because he might be tortured.

I don’t know if the name of the ‘asylum seeker’ is Habib Ignaoua, Mohamed Khemiri  or Ali Chehidi, who were all previously deported to Italy but if you live in Manchester, this scum is now once again free to spread his filth around your area, because British Judges aren’t concerned with your rights, they are concerned with a terrorist’s rights.

The Watchmen are riding out!

A few days ago, if I was asked if I had heard of a man named Ryan Giggs, my answer would probably have been, “Erm, he’s something to do with sports, probably football,” and that would have been it. My total lack of interest in sport, sporting ‘personalities’ and anything to do with the whole business of ‘gossip’ has insulated me from such people for a long time, and I feel the better for it.

But suddenly, because this creature of low morals has tried to keep his sordid sexual life out of the public gaze, we are all reading about him, his marriage and his alleged seven-month affair with some slapper from Big Brother.  The fact that he denies these events is fair enough, but when he gets a high-powered law firm to shower injunctions against the very mention of his name shows how stupid is the track he has chosen.

Has he or his lawyers never heard of the Streisand Effect? Barbara wanted a photo of her beachfront mansion removed from a database, on the grounds that her privacy was being invaded. As a direct result of her legal action, which she lost; 420,000 people visited the low-profile site to view the photo! It is a good thing to remember Denis Healey’s First Law of Holes; if you find yourself in one, stop digging!

If Americans can read about the allegations regarding Ryan Giggs, but we are to be ‘protected’ from such stories, the last thing in the world I feel is being protected. What I feel is a great sense of injustice, and as I wrote before, the last time we were denied knowledge of those who are deemed ‘more important’ than others, we eventually saw the Abdication of Edward the Eighth.

Frankly, I couldn’t care less if Ryan Giggs has, or has not, been breaking his marital vows with some slapper or other, but I do care passionately about the right of everyone to write or comment on, these events. If he hasn’t been doing these things, and it can be proven in court that I maliciously wrote so, fair enough; but if I am denied that right to write in the first place, that is wrong on so many levels.  I do care very much about my right as an Englishman to write what I like, when I like, and about whom I choose to write about.

The noble or rather the slightly-less-than-noble Lords have gone one step too far, in my own opinion, by uttering warnings that newspapers or any other publisher should be restrained from publishing or commenting upon matters which are discussed in Parliament, especially if those matters are also the subject of ‘injunctions’ issued by their Lordships. They have no right to censor Parliament, and it is indeed a chilling spectacle when they attempt to do so!

If I write that Lakshi Mittal has done something, or is covering something up, which he either disputes or does not want known about, he has, besides all the money in the world the legal right to take me to court and have me found guilty of libel; but I do not believe he should be protected against the very publication of the fact that he has gained an injunction. That way lies only one thing, Fascism, the Rule of a Dictator, and the abolition of our right to Free Speech, and it should be argued against on every blog, newspaper, pub and street corner around this Nation.