Tears, and blood, in the sand!

Syria      Eight Armoured Divisions (each with three armoured,  one mechanized and one artillery brigade)

The Republican Guard Armoured Division  Three Mechanized Divisions (each with one armoured,  three mechanized and one artillery brigade)

One as-Saiqa Divisional Command with 3 Airborne Special Forces Regiments

Four independent Infantry Brigades

Ten independent Airborne Special Forces Regiments

Two independent Artillery Brigades

Two independent Anti-tank Brigades

Three SSM Brigades (each with three SSM battalions).

Three Coastal  Defence Missile Brigades (Syria  received C-802 systems and missiles from Iran.) One Border Guard Brigade

I started to compare the military forces of Syria (above partially listed) against the overwhelming military might of the United States of America, but just decided that it would be superfluous to even try. The massed squadrons of the U.S.A.F., together with their Marine Corps cousins alongside the brute force exerted by the aircraft of the Carrier Squadrons, could wipe the puny Syrians off the map in about three days, and two of those days would be taken up with counting the dead Syrians who had been foolish enough to fight back!

So I wonder why President Obama has held his hand? After all, he took little persuading to get involved in Libya, sent in his A-10 attack aircraft after the mobile artillery and the tanks of Ghadaffi for a few days, then decided that the military men of the Brits, French and the  six jets of the Qatar Air force could carry the load. Could it be that whilst Libya, an outcast amongst the Arab world was an easy target, and there was support from the Arab League, Syria is somehow different?

There can be no doubt at all that Syria is raining death and destruction on its citizens; none whatsoever. After all, Prez. Assad’s daddy did exactly the same when his army and security forces killed around twenty thousand in the attack on Hama which has been described as among “the single deadliest acts by any Arab government against its own people in the modern Middle East”. They are doing to Deraa exactly what they did to Hama in 1992, and no-one is going to lift a finger to stop them; if the United States, with its overwhelming superiority in aircraft, ships, and weapons systems stands by.

Forget the UN, ignore the European Union, with Baroness Ashton wringing her hands and letting tears fall down her horse-face cheeks, sanctions will not work when an Army takes its orders from a set of people who stand to loose everything if their protection is seen to falter for a second!

Shed a tear for Syria, because in these days of American Realpolitik, if you are friends with Iran, if your buddies call themselves ‘Hizballah’, if you know that the Americans don’t wish to piss off the Muslim world: the Americans will stand by and let the sand absorb all the blood of those brave Syrians who dared to say ‘No’, in the faint hope that someone outside was listening!