Thawerapsaw, Gadda ge, Baie dankie, Ntyox teru’, Seé, Iyayraykere….

I reckon Joanne would have liked to say thank you to a few people.

Men such as the raiders of the United States SEAL team who found and killed Osama bin Laden. People such as the occupants of the CIA ‘safe house’ in that sleepy Pakistani town which was home to the Pakistani equivalent of West Point, or Sandhurst; the guys who actually helped determine whether the shadowy occupant of that well-protected building was the ‘most-wanted’ man in the whole world. Joanne would have liked to shake the hand of the head of the CIA Leon Panetta, and the secretive but steely people who work for that sometimes harshly-judged group, who organised the enhanced search teams upon a directive from  his boss, President Obama. Joanne would have spoken kindly to the people who built and flew the helicopters which helped keep the secret of the attack until the last moment.

She might have liked to congratulate the President herself, but would have liked to have also congratulated his predecessor President Bush, because he commenced the tiny, very personal war which ended in the death of bin Laden.

I keep saying ‘would have’, or ‘might’; when writing of Joanne’s thoughts or actions in these days when at least one of America’s enemies has been given the last rites of his religion before being given a burial at sea: but all I can do but surmise. You see, I really don’t know how Joanne would have reacted to the news, but I like to think I have guessed right, because even truly gentle people have a right to get annoyed some time!

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