One Law for Laws….

When the feeding frenzy was in full bloom about the Westminster Expenses saga, some (very few) determined to resign, having been found out. More were pursued by various sectors of the Media, and many of them resigned before the election, because they knew that they would never get re-elelected. Some stood for re-election and won, because they knew the calibre of British voters; which is a combination of jelly, stupidity, blind loyalty, unthinking admiration, steely devotion to lost causes and, once again, stupidity! Some M.P.s bit the bullet, paid back their ill-gotten gains, admitted their wrongdoing and won through! Some, a very few, were arrested, charged and found guilty, and are now in prison.

And then there is David Laws M.P., the shining economic star of the Lib-Dems, a multi-millionaire, and also a liar, a thief, a pervert, and a man who has been suspended for only seven days for bringing Parliament into disrepute!