Solomon, are you nearby?

Two stories, victims galore, two very different viewpoints, a whole host of opinions!

The first concerns an Iranian woman who refused to marry a man who claimed to love her. Spurred by her refusals, he threw acid into her face and eyes; disfiguring, scarring and blinding her. Under Iranian Law, this lady has the ability to have her attacker blinded in exactly the same fashion as she was blinded. She has stated that she wishes to pour the acid in to his eyes, under the Retributive Justice law. Would you; or do you agree with the British Government that this barbaric practice should be stopped?

Case Two is that of the decision announced by Downing Street that the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann would be given priority for a new approach and investigation by the Metropolitan Police. A Green Party member of the Metropolitan Police Authority has stated that money is tight, cash has been allocated for this year already in straightened times, and no politician should interfere with the operational decisions of the Met. Should the Prime Minister be able to get a high-profile criminal case, all of which happened in Portugal, reviewed and re-investigated by British police after a discussion with the media-savvy parents of the missing child?

Obviously, I have my own opinions, especially on the blinding of the Iranian as retribution, but I wondered if there were strong feelings either way within the wider ATW community?