French rumours…..

We learn through a series of leaks and very, very late accusations, that the former head of the I.M.F. was a serial sexual predator. The grime now leaking out of the  mouldy woodwork does not, however, come via the French media, it comes from the former victims of this man who should never have been let loose on civilised society, never mind a top post at an internation financial institution. We also learn that he was given a ‘reprimand’ after the discovery of an affair with a Hungarian IMF employee, and that he apologised to the IMF employees and his wife. A ‘Reprimand’, my word, how he must have worried!

The same type of person does well in France, such as ex-President Mitterand, with both financial and sexual scandals kept well hushed up. The fact that the present holder of the Presidency had a torrid affair with ex-President Chirac’s daughter has never been written about or discussed in France, despite its well-known veracity.  The lists of sexual shenanigans of the ‘Elite’ of the French Republic would fill a fair sized book, and still leave plenty for the magazines to gorge over, if they were ever allowed to publish; but you will never ever see the truth of the crimes and liaisons of that same Elite, because the French have a law which says ‘Private Life….No publication’. Flat and firm.

I wrote previously on ‘secrecy’ and other problems on ATW, and quoted from the Blogger Guido Fawkes, during his interview with Adam Bolton on Sky TV. Max Mosley, outed by the News of the World as a sado-masochist, tried to get the French version of their Privacy Law on to the British Statute books by the back door. but fortunately failed. But his ideals, of being able to do exactly what he liked, which was to be able to organise sado-masochistic orgies whilst appearing as an ‘Establishment man’, are steadily being imported by the European Union’s apparatchiks, our own Judges, who dole out ‘injunctions’ and ‘super-injunctions’ seemingly with the morning milk delivery.

We still have the ultimate protection of ‘Parliamentary Privilege’, whereby a brave MP can stand and say anything he wishes, and cannot suffer punishment, but even that protection is under threat by a complaisant Speaker, the poison-dwarf himself, John Bercow. Bercow, a Labour choice, was elevated by his fellow MPs despite the voices of the Opposition, which were conveniently ‘unheard’ by the House Leader, is nothing more than a Socialist lick-spittle, and the sooner the Tories find their long-lost courage and kick him off the Chair, the better it will be for British Democracy.

What I am waiting for is the likes of John Hemmings to stand up and, one by one, list all the injunctions of which he knows, and then we, the people, will decide whether they were important, or deserving of a court-induced secrecy for ‘family’ reasons, including the incredible ‘his children might be bullied at school if the story was repeated’. As Paul Staines said of the Max Mosley story, ‘If you don’t want to feature on the front page, don’t pay hookers to shove dildos up your bum!’

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