Er, well,, yes, but……

It is almost impossible to establish exactly how much damage the Blair-Brown Labour Cabal has inflicted upon this once-lightly regulated and controlled Society of ours.  From the avalanche in Immigration to the explosion in Regulatory activities, much imported, it is true, from Brussels but just as eagerly embraced by ‘New Labour’, the rise in ‘red tape’, in form-filling, box-ticking and insistence on the ‘fairness’ of things, we see every day the result. We see the Judges doing their own thing, because, as they quite rightly point out, ‘the politicians brought these Laws into existence, and we are only doing our job by interpreting them as we see fit’.

I am reminded of only one basic law when I see the changes wrought by the dead hand of ‘New Labour’; and that is the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Take, if you will, the subject of Waste, and how it is controlled, marshalled, treated, dispersed and managed. Now when I talk of Waste matter, I am writing about household rubbish, human waste in Sewers, industrial and commercial refuse, Waste dumps, waste treatment works, incinerators. I am talking about large amounts of money paid to contractors to handle ‘recyclable material’ to aid our ‘Carbon Footprint’ (whatever illusory idea that might be), I am talking about huge investments, ammounting to millions of pounds, in Sewage Treatment processes which can handle the waste products of a modern industrial city and rural areas, along with all its varied inhabitants. I am also talking about processes so dangerous that access to certain areas of work that multiple permits are needed to control access, because of the sheer dangers within those areas. I am talking of people working in areas where full rubber-suit plus breathing apparatus is essential, because the effluent resultant upon the mixing of certain materials is so toxic that to even breathe the vapours produced would be to ensure Death within five seconds; and I do not exaggerate!

So when I talk of the Law of Unintended Consequences, can somebody explain how the collection, treatment and disposal of the tons and huge containers full of various types of Waste material would be better arranged by the conclusions of an Equality Impact Assessment, as listed at 1.11, which of course possibly determines that all people are treated Equally when it comes to shoving their rubbish in a wheelie-bin?

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